Letter to the editor

To the editor,

If they were not so weak in faith, they would not put their faith in those pastors to lead them. Yet they claim to be trusting in the Lord. I cannot talk scripture with them, for they will flee from me. Put on the whole armiment of God, to resist the wiles of Satan. If I am in error, they are to reprove (correct) me with the scripture. How can they go to Heaven with my blood on their hands? These people are so without understanding. They say we all sin. We sin ever day. Then why preceive you are saved? If you were saved, you are to be born of incorruptable seed (spirit). Was Jesus a sinner? Jesus grace not sufficient. That is Blasphemy! That is to deny the power of God’s spirit. Now you say the pastors teach repentance. The person appointed to stand up in Christ stead is the only person that could bring forth what Jesus hid. The past renoun ministers did not teach repentance. They taught we were saved by faith. If they preached repent, salvation would have been over in the past. How to be saved was hid from the wise and prudent. Paul said we do not understand salvation, why God extends grace to some and some not. Less the wicked be saved also. If it was understood we could not have keep it to ourselves. Jesus open the eyes of the blind, but blinded those that see (understood). The pastors now are starting to preach repentance. They did not teach repentance in the past. If you say they did you are a liar! If can go back from Herbert W. Armstrong to Billy Graham. They did not preach repent. Things were sealed up unto the end times. Revelation in the last days. Your pastors are not called! Many would come in his name and deceive many. Remember Jesus has told us so. You got to be morons if you cannot learn. Is it you have accepted something and you cannot let it go. Cannot depart! Feeble minds are what! Truth is hard! Jesus was a hard man! It is not this Jesus loves you! Yor pastors will lead you to destruction. Jesus did not call them.

Alan Collins


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