Looking forward to 2016

While in large cities around the world, 2015 went out and 2016 came in with much fanfare, singing, dancing, fireworks and celebrating, here in our small corner of the globe 2016 may be greeted a little quieter but not without the same thoughts as others have.

Whether you chose to spend your last evening of 2015 and first few minutes of 2016 with friends, dining or celebrating at home or in a local restaurant, or on the streets of nearby Mount Airy watching its unique take on a New Year celebration as a giant sheriff’s badge was lifted to a countdown to the new year, or even sleeping, this time is a time of reflection on the great things (and sometimes not so great things) which happened in your life and community, and a time to look forward to and plan for what the future holds.

Resolutions are just a fancy way of saying goals you hope to achieve during the new year. These don’t have to be done, but many people do choose to claim a resolution or two as they look to the new year. Many of those resolutions will not be achieved, usually because people set goals loftier than practical expectations.

So this year, as you are deciding what your goals will be for the new year, keep them simple and within reach. It’s OK to reset your goals as you meet them, or to realize you might’ve been a little hard on yourself and adjust them to something more manageable.

Resolutions can be as simple as being nice to someone who may have hurt you in the past, or greeting each morning with a smile and a good attitude. Or they could be as complicated as wanting to lose a significant amount of weight or striving to complete a degree or certification in a topic of interest. It could be walking a certain number of miles a day or each week. (Did you know if you walk 5.51 miles every day for the 366 days of 2016, you will walk 2,016 miles by Dec. 31 of 2016?)

Resolutions for The Tribune editorial staff include bringing our readers and communities the most pertinent information and stories about what’s affecting your everyday lives, sharing stories with meaning and promoting the great people and things happening in our communities.

We also want to hear from you in the new year. We want you to share the events you have going on with us, whether through photos and information following the event, or by letting us know ahead of time so the community knows it’s happening and can participate.

We are looking forward to celebrating your accomplishments throughout 2016. From us to you, Happy New Year, and may 2016 be all you hope for and more!

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