Lebron James needs to prove he’s best

Best player in the world? Not so fast, Lebron.

After losing in Game Five of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward did not mince words when talking to the press, calling himself the best player in the world.

Twelve seasons into his career, Lebron James only has two NBA titles to his name, one of them he has to thank a miraculous performance from Ray Allen for getting. His legacy is depleting with every loss he has had over his career. Is Lebron James the best player of his generation? Probably, but his recent comments coupled with his performance only hinder a career which has seen him make a big deal out of where he was going to “take his talents” to on live television, among many other things.

He promised a Cavaliers championship 12 years ago when he joined the league, and he has not made good on that deal since then. He can play, but in crunch time, he has not delivered, or backed up his words.

Fans will constantly debate whose fault it is that James only has two championships to his name. On one hand, they’ll claim that James is the best player of all the time because he can take a team of nobodies to the NBA Finals. On the other hand, they’ll claim that James can’t do all alone.

Which one is it? That question can only be answered when James hangs up his uniform for the final time. Only then will we know if James is truly the best player in the world.

Ryan DeCosta is the sports reporter for the Tribune and Yadkin Ripple. He can be reached at rdecosta@civitasmedia.com, 336-258-4052, or via Twitter @rsdecosta.

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