How do you like those apples? Grief on Mother’s Day for many reasons

By Beanie Taylor

Beanie Taylor Staff reporter

Across the nation this weekend phones will ring, cards and gifts will be opened and families will meet for meals as they celebrate all things “mom.” Well, maybe not quite all things.

For some people, Mother’s Day is the worst day of the year as they struggle to overcome a grief they must quell in order to not dampen the spirits of others.

The most prominent grief will come from those who have experienced a death associated with Mother’s Day. Not only those who are learning to live without their mom, but those who have lost someone who never knew them by any other name may be processing their loss this weekend.

Also high on the list of those who might be expected to grieve are those women who had hoped to be mothers but never got the chance. Usually unrecognized except by those who know them best, this loss is often filtered through expectations and ignorance leading to unintended pains.

Less aware are those who have suffered at the hands of a mother, the very person who should have protected them. Many people within this group may not even realize their anxiety or aggression at being told to appreciate the person who caused them injury is the reason for their sour moods when Mother’s Day rolls around.

It is perhaps these people we should make a point of appreciating Sunday. As we show gratitude to those moms who worked hard to be everything to us within their own limitations, we should take a moment to also say thanks to those women we have watched the struggle.

Thank you to the friends of our moms who stepped in to help when mom had too much going on.

Thank you to those women whose arms are empty but chose to still hold them out for others in need.

Thank you to the women who have overcome a bad example set for them by just being better even when you can’t be perfect.

Thank you to the women we know and those we don’t who have stepped up in the past to lead us to a hopeful future and thank you to the daughters of our blood and our spirit who will continue to set an example of compassion and strength and who remind us to work harder, do better and be kinder in all we do and say.

Beanie Taylor is a staff reporter for The Tribune. She can be reached at, 336-258-4058 or on Twitter @TBeanieTaylor.

Beanie Taylor Staff reporter Taylor Staff reporter

By Beanie Taylor

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