Elkin HS JROTC Raiders compete at Fred T. Foard HS

On Nov. 7, the Elkin JROTC Raider team traveled one hour and 25 minutes to Fred T. Foard High School in Newton to compete against 23 other schools in the 4th brigade. The JROTC 4th Brigade is located at Fort Bragg and is composed of five states from Maryland to South Carolina.

The Elkin JROTC Raiders left from Elkin High School at 6 in the morning stopping at McDonald’s to pick up sausage biscuits for breakfast. Maj. Roy Ferguson, the senior Army instructor at Elkin HS, took one team to compete: the Alpha team. A team consisted of A. Duncan, K. Freeman, P. Collins, S. Islas G. Lloyd, Z. Narvaez, T. Sturdivant, J. Walker. The alternates were M. Waddell, L. Lloyd and J. Hemric.

The Raiders first started with the PT test which included the following: two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, one-mile run, 5k run, Litter Carry, Vehicle Pull, and Rope Bridge. All Raiders began the first event together.

The A team finished in 11th place with 1,864 points. In the litter carry event, which consisted of caring a stretcher with a simulated casualty through a demanding obstacle course, A team finished in 1 minute and 37 seconds. In the vehicle pull, which challenge the team to come together and pull a 6,000-pound Humvee in a certain amount of distance, A team finished in eighth place with 25:78 seconds. In the Rope Bridge event, the A team finished in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. In the 5k run, the A team finished in 33 minutes and 36 seconds.

After the Raider meet, the Elkin Raiders ate K & W Cafeteria in Statesville.

Ferguson said about the meet, “It was a tremendous privilege for our Raider team to be invited to East Surry HS Raider meet. We have never earned three Streamers in one meet and our Raiders continue to push for excellence. We have been blessed with outstanding young cadets on our team as well as great parental and community support through our local VFM. Our cadets are committed to and doing their very best.”

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