WCC announces fall 2016 semester president’s and dean’s lists

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WILKESBORO — Wilkes Community College recognizes outstanding academic achievement of students through the president’s list and the dean’s list each fall and spring semester. The students on the fall 2016 semester president’s and dean’s lists are grouped by home county.

To qualify for the president’s list, full-time students must achieve a 4.0 grade-point average, complete 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses (excluding credit by examination) and be awarded all “A’s.”

To qualify for the dean’s list, full-time students must complete 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses (excluding credit by examination) and have a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher, with no grade below a “B.”

Alleghany County students qualifying for the fall 2016 semester

President’s List: Kevin Scott Loggins, Sparta; Holly Alexis Watkins, Sparta.

Dean’s List: Jeremiah Ethan Dowell, Sparta; Lauren Elizabeth Edwards, Sparta; Miranda Danielle Galvan, Sparta; James David Mason, Sparta; Lillian Sarah Nichols, Sparta; Monica Stephanie Torres, Sparta; Marissa Ruth Walker, Sparta.

Wilkes County students qualifying for the fall 2016 semester

President’s List: Alexander Ward Adams, Wilkesboro; Evan Walsh Adams, North Wilkesboro; Jayci Rose Alexander, North Wilkesboro; Jeff Patterson Allison, North Wilkesboro; Arynn Minton Anderson, North Wilkesboro; Joshua Keith Blackburn, Roaring River; William Anderson Brame, Wilkesboro; Aaron M. Brown, Ronda; Jordan Allen Brown, Wilkesboro; Joshua Bryant Bumgarner, North Wilkesboro; Daniel Ryan Cooke, Wilkesboro; Elizabeth Gray Cooke, Wilkesboro; Laken Nicole Cox, Ronda; Kathryn Rebecca Cross, Wilkesboro; Tracey Hockett Daughtry, Roaring River; Michelle Rhae Elliott, North Wilkesboro; Harlee Denise Glass, North Wilkesboro; Emily Michelle Hill, North Wilkesboro; Patrick Carl Hill, North Wilkesboro; Cassandra May Howell, Wilkesboro; Benjamin Silas Johnson, North Wilkesboro; Kristi Ann Lane, North Wilkesboro; Ana’e Desarae Limon, Wilkesboro; Jenny Lopez-Jimenez, Wilkesboro; Daniel Thomas Mathis, Roaring River; Alexandra Noelle McCann, Roaring River; Willie Dean Perry, North Wilkesboro; Rachel Celeste Plemmons, North Wilkesboro; Justin Del Reeves, Wilkesboro; Andrew Aldean Richardson, North Wilkesboro; Leslie-Karen Love Roberts, Wilkesboro; Tracey Saffold, Wilkesboro; Kara Denise Shelton, Wilkesboro; Julian Grace Shumate, North Wilkesboro; Randal Dean Shumate, Wilkesboro; Cameron Grant Tribble, North Wilkesboro; Julianna Grace Wages, Wilkesboro; Tasha Shay Ward, Wilkesboro; Andrew Ray Williams, North Wilkesboro; Jacob Austin Wood, Wilkesboro; Kortney Noelle Woodie, North Wilkesboro.

Dean’s List: Holly N. Abernathy, Wilkesboro; Terin Cole Adams, Traphill; Simone Nicole Barbetta-Latos, North Wilkesboro; Dylan Ray Bauguess, Traphill; Zoe Rae Beaman, North Wilkesboro; James Eli Billings, Roaring River; Brandon Wayne Blankenship, North Wilkesboro; Hailey Elaura Blevins, Traphill; Luke Andrew Brown, North Wilkesboro; Keith Daniel Cardwell, Wilkesboro; Amber Danielle Carter, Wilkesboro; Kang Chang, North Wilkesboro; Kayla Brooke Chipman, Traphill; Ashley Mechelle Clark, Wilkesboro; Sammy Shawn Clonch, Wilkesboro; Daniel Alex Cook, Wilkesboro; David Marquis Corpening, North Wilkesboro; Tonda Lambert Dane, Wilkesboro; Dana Elizabeth Davenport, North Wilkesboro; Joshua Lee Denny, North Wilkesboro; Adrianne Janette Draughn, North Wilkesboro; Mark Raymond Dvoracek, North Wilkesboro; Jacob Scott Eddy, Wilkesboro; Lauren Alexandra Ellis, Wilkesboro; Courtney Tyler Farmer, North Wilkesboro; Bricela Celena Francisco, North Wilkesboro; Jacob Lyndsay Greene, Wilkesboro; Steven Dean Griffin, Wilkesboro; Diego Marcus Gwyn, North Wilkesboro; Adam Harless, North Wilkesboro; Shyanne Rose Harris, Ronda; Samantha Caitlyn Heckel, Roaring River; Nash Eugene Helms, Traphill; Jamie Marie Higginbotham, Wilkesboro; Jonathan Willis Inman, Wilkesboro; Hollie Caroline Jarvis, Wilkesboro; Nevin Shaughn Johnson, North Wilkesboro; Hunter Deice Jolly, Roaring River; Kendall Brooke Kanupp, North Wilkesboro; Megan Nicole Knight, Wilkesboro; Michael Tyler Laprad, North Wilkesboro; Haley Renee Lawrimore, Wilkesboro; Samantha Dawn Laws, North Wilkesboro; Hugo Fernando Limon, North Wilkesboro; Marie Shirk Maltba, North Wilkesboro; Yandery Mariela Manzanares, North Wilkesboro; Tamara Nicole Mayes, Wilkesboro; Heather Nicole McGuire-Richter, Wilkesboro; Brittany Nicole McNeill, Wilkesboro; Alex Grant Moretz, Wilkesboro; Mica Nayati Mosteller, North Wilkesboro; Steven Carlo Prestipino, North Wilkesboro; Jennifer Brooke Rhodes, North Wilkesboro; Dylan James Roe, Wilkesboro; Kayla Beth Rossier, Wilkesboro; Tasha Renee Royal, North Wilkesboro; Garrett Joseph Saffold, Wilkesboro; Emilee Jesslyn Sale, Wilkesboro; Casey Danielle Simpson, Wilkesboro; Stephanie Gail Spicer, North Wilkesboro; Ruth Grace St John, Ronda; Sharyn Danielle Stone, Ronda; Randall Austin Trapp, North Wilkesboro; Zachary Duane West, Roaring River; Jonathan Carl Williams, North Wilkesboro; Ashley Elizabeth Wood, Roaring River.

Surry County students qualifying for the fall 2016 semester

President’s List: Dustin Ray Lovelace, Elkin; Jared Quincy Nelson, Elkin.

Dean’s List: Dillon Ray McCann, Elkin; Amber Dawn Parks, Elkin; Jocelin Santos, Elkin; Katelin Ida Yarboro, State Road.

Yadkin County students qualifying for the fall 2016 semester

President’s List: David Eugene Brown, Jonesville; Walker James Garner, Hamptonville; Austin Grant Hopkins, Hamptonville; Tessica Grace Martin, Hamptonville; Derek Logan McCoy, Hamptonville; Daniel Grey Rose, Yadkinville; Daniel Patrick Saldano, Jonesville; Lisa Lowman Wingler, Hamptonville.

Dean’s List: Kayla Ann Bare, Jonesville; Kelsea Desiree’ Beamer, Yadkinville; Megan Leann Buelin, Yadkinville; Preston Riashawn Carlton Kelly, Hamptonville; Jacob Henderson Driver, Hamptonville; Morgan Allyson Maines, Yadkinville; Denver Johnathon Rakes, Hamptonville; Jeremy Mackenzie Shores, Booneville; Jonathan Frank Steelman, Hamptonville; Alison Dawn Swaim, Jonesville.

Wilkes Community College, a member of the North Carolina Community College System, is a public, two-year, open-door institution serving the people of Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany counties and beyond. Established in 1965, WCC continues to build on a strong history of meeting the educational needs and cultural interests of our students, community and workforce. WCC prepares learners for success in a dynamic world.

Staff Report

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