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The Elkin Police Department has reported the following incidents and arrests.

• On Dec. 5, a resident on Westover Drive, Elkin, reported misdemeanor larceny when an empty box was received from FedEx missing an Apple iPad Mini worth about $200.

• Herbert Charles Kipp, 34, of Twin Oaks Road, Elkin, was charged on Dec. 4 with misdemeanor assault on a female. He was given a $1,000 secured bond and a court date of Jan. 8.

• Janet Kay Shew, 60, of Swan Creek Bypass, Jonesville, was charged on Dec. 4 with misdemeanor shoplifting following a report from Walmart staff in Elkin about merchandise allegedly being concealed in Shew’s pocketbook. She was released with no bond and given a court date of Feb. 8.

• On Dec. 4, Wilco Hess on CC Camp Road, Elkin, reported injury to real property following a tractor-trailer striking and damaging one of the gas pumps. Damage was estimated at $10,000. A second incident of a pump being damaged was reported the same day when an unknown truck driver damage the diesel pump causing $10,000 damage.

• On Dec. 3, a resident of Turner Road reported the alleged continued harassment of her and her children to the police department. The victim was advised to speak with a magistrate about a restraining order against the suspect, Bernadette Hodorovych, 38, of South Kirkland Avenue, Elkin.

• Amber Lynn Melton, 28, of Hunting Creek Church Road, Hamptonville, was charged on Dec. 1 with misdemeanor shoplifting following an incident at Walmart of Elkin during which she allegedly concealed merchandise in her clothing. She was released with no bond and court date of Feb. 26.

• On Dec. 1, a resident of Northwood Drive, Elkin, reported his exterior door window was shattered, but no suspects were located in the area and no objects were found on the ground near the door. The damage was estimated at $150.

• Cindy Danette Cross, 43, of Shady Valley Lane, State Road, was charged on Dec. 1 with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop which occurred after someone reported a vehicle swerving as it traveled south on North Bridge Street. The magistrate said there was not enough probable cause for driving while impaired charges, but she was charged with the possession after officers reported finding in her purse a plastic pill grinder and a straw with white powder on them. She was released and given a court date of Feb. 22.

• On Dec. 2, a Hill Street resident reported receiving harassing phone calls and simple non-physical treat intimidation. the female victim was referred to the magistrate.

• On Dec. 6, injury to real property was discovered by an officer doing building checks at Meadows Trade-N-Post on East Main Street, Elkin, when a large rock struck the building causing exterior damage near the entrance. The damage was estimated at $200.

• On Dec. 9, officers responded to a report of a suspicious person on the sidewalk at Carolina West, CC Camp Road, Elkin, who was reportedly sleeping on the sidewalk. Joseph Corey Hawkins, 25, of Marcus Tucker Road, Elkin, was given a warning on having paraphernalia following a consented search of his vehicle and he called to have someone pick him up.

• On Dec. 9, damage to a mailbox and wood post were reported on Carter Mill Road, Elkin, following an incident in which a trailer being pulled by a truck veered off the right side of the road and hit the mailbox. A report was needed for homeowners insurance, and damage was estimated at $40.

• Joshua Ernest Hogue, 37, of North Bridge Street, Elkin, was charged on Dec. 10 with misdemeanor refusing to update a photo. The charge came through a warrant delivered at the Elkin Inn to Hogue. He was given a $1,500 unsecured bond and a court date of Jan. 28.

• Tyler Blake Hoots, 18, of Winston Road, Jonesville, was charged on Dec. 10 with misdemeanor larceny, following an incident at Walmart of Elkin. Store staff reported watching Hoots conceal a BB gun pistol and CO2 bottles in his pockets and exiting the store. The staff detained him until officers could arrive. He was released with a court date of Feb. 26 and restitution of $52.44 owed to Walmart.

• On Dec. 10, a civil disturbance was reported at a residence on South Street, Elkin, when a couple was arguing and in the incident the male, who allegedly had been drinking, punched the windshield and driver’s windows busting them, according to the police report. The female victim was referred to the magistrate to issue a restraining order.

• On Dec. 10, a wallet was found on the side of the road on Claremont Drive, Elkin, and turned into the police department. The wallet, which was valued at $50, and a Samsung Galaxy phone worth $400 were returned to their owner at a Hillcrest Drive residence.

• Michael Chester Carter, 44, of North Bridge Street, Elkin, was charged on Dec. 11 with misdemeanor driving while impaired. According to the police report, Carter was seen operating a moped and turned right on red without first stopping and a traffic stop was initiated at Carter’s residence. He was given a $1,500 unsecured bond and a court date of Jan. 25.

• On Dec. 14, a Hawthorne Road, Elkin, resident reported damage to the front bumper of her car which occurred while it was parked at Food Lion on North Bridge Street. She was advised to turn the property damage report in for her insurance.

• Derek Keith Shoemaker, 27, of North Lomax Road, Roaring River, was charged on Dec. 12 with misdemeanor possession of or concealing equipment/paraphernalia and misdemeanor contempt of court for perjury violations. The charges stemmed from a suspicious vehicle report by the highway patrol at Elkin Municipal Park. He was held on a $300 cash bond and give a court date of Jan. 13. Also, during the investigation, Sarah McKinney, unknown address, was arrested on outstanding warrants and given a $2,000 secured bond.

• John McKay White, 34, of Collins Road, Elkin, was cited on Dec. 11 with driving while license revoked. His court date is Jan. 15.

• Amanda Dawn Adams, 35, of Grissel Tail Road, Traphill, was cited on Dec. 11 with operating a vehicle with a fictitious tag. Her court date is Feb. 19.

Staff Report

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