Ronda disagrees on animal rules

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — Passions flared over animal ordinances at the Ronda Board of Commissioners work session Wednesday. Mayor Victor Varela opened the session with the notice that Commissioner Cody Soots was unable to be present, but had approved the changes to the animal ordinances, and then requesting the Yadkin River Greenway Project be tabled until other key personnel were present.

Changes in the animal ordinances were discussed at the end of the meeting with dissension over tabling the discussion or continuing it at next week’s council meeting.

Commissioners Rheajean Benge and Manuel Wood were not in favor of changes. The purpose of these changes is to provide enforcement guidelines and, according to Varela, “to accommodate the people who live here.”

Wood informed those assembled that “everyone I talked to want no ordinance, they just want to be left alone.” Benge was concerned that they “need to scale it to the size of this town,” instead of using guidelines written for other places.

No decision was made during the work session.

Varela went through the agenda quickly Wednesday, informing those present that the returned check fee would be changed from $30 due to the difference in processing between Yadkin Valley Bank and Wells Fargo. According to Commissioner Sandra Simmons, the Yadkin Valley account should be closed Thursday.

Simmons then spoke about the fall festival and the need for volunteers. Notices will be sent with the water bills. In the future, water bills will be sent by SouthData in Mount Airy instead of by the town clerk. This will save $50 in printing plus the amount of postage. Notices that the fall cleanup will change to Oct. 17-21 also will be sent at that time although the mildew at the front door of the Town Hall may be power washed before then as it is just a small job.

The authority of the town clerk was then addressed with the recommendation being that the job description be reworded to include the ability to fire employees within appropriate procedure. This includes verbal and written warnings and immediate notification of all commissioners in the case of grievous infractions. Current clerk Talesha Carter was reminded to take detailed notes to circumvent problems with insubordination.

More money is to be saved by the town of Ronda by replacing the previous accounting firm of Benson and Blevins with local resident Michael Boaz. According to the council, Benson and Blevins have been unable to be prepared for audits and the mayor looks forward to working with someone they can see every day instead of a few times a year. The town also will receive funds from the sale of old equipment, however the appropriate procedure for such sales as dictated by the state of North Carolina. Wood noted interest in some of the equipment by potential buyers.

The next town commissioners meeting for Ronda will be held on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the town hall located at 123 Chatham St.

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By Beanie Taylor

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