Historical society to honor Wolfe, veterans

By Troy Brooks - tbrooks@civitasmedia.com

JONESVILLE — The Jonesville Historical Society met last Thursday evening in the Jonesville History Center to discuss upcoming events and policies, including the war memorial, veterans dinner, and the Holiday Bazaar and Bingo.

The historical society discussed the uses of its three bank accounts and whether it should continue using all three or drop one of the accounts. The society uses Capital Bank, Wells Fargo, and Yadkin Bank for funds, grants and activity finances.

The use of the three banks does not cost any money for the society so the members decided to keep the banks as is for now.

“We will keep all three banks until there is a reason that we have to shut one down,” said Allison Leads, secretary for the society.

The society members also discussed cutting their phone service for the Jonesville Museum to save money.

“Charles and I have decided that we want to cut our phone service off and use our own phones to save money,” said JHS President Becky Wood. “Sixteen dollars a month at 12 times a year is a lot to pay each year. It will save us a lot of money.”

The society also has received receipt books and members were instructed to write receipts for donations to the society and the museum.

“If anybody gives you money for the society, you write a receipt,” said Wood. “We have really got to keep up with it and the QuickBooks. We don’t want to be in no more messes.”

Wood discussed the war memorial and naming it in honor of Councilwoman Judy Wolfe, who passed away a few weeks ago and had been president of the organization until her death.

“By January, I want everybody to vote,” said Wood. “I want to name this memorial park in honor of Judy. We’re still doing the investigation on finding all the names for the veterans.”

The society is still trying to find homes for two of Wolfe’s dogs.

Wood talked about the Yadkin County Gray Eagles, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and how they want to help set up and partake in history programs for schools and organizations.

“Last Saturday, I went to the Harvest Festival. The Yadkin County Gray Eagles were there and they want to be a part of our program when we set up displays for school,” said Wood. “They have a lot of history in Yadkinville in Dixie’s Land. They are willing to come with the Yadkin County Historical Society during next year’s Jubilee and help set up a historical area. They’re really interested in helping show the history of the area. Sometimes they do reenactments.”

A service is being planned for Nov. 11 at 9:30 a.m. on Veterans Day featuring a small prayer service, singing, and a breakfast to celebrate the veterans. The society is planning to contact local restaurants in Jonesville to assist, and the meal will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Speakers may also attend the event.

A holiday bazaar, bingo night, and silent auction is being planned for Nov. 5. The Yadkin Valley Senior Center will be utilized by the society for the event. The holiday bazaar will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will give craftsmen and artisans a chance to show their crafts and work to the public. The chicken stew, bingo, and auction will start around 5 p.m.

Society members were encouraged to find good prizes for the bingo night and auction. There will be minimum bids on all auction prizes. The society hopes to have around 40 items for the auction.

“It’s 10 games and $25 to play,” said Wood. “One game will be a full card game and the other ones will give out 10 tickets to everyone for door prizes. There will be one winner for each game.”

In January, the society is planning to hold the Judy Jingle Jangle Jog in honor of Wolfe. Joggers will wear bells for the run during the jog around town. Wood said she already has asked the town of Jonesville and the town council is willing to help take care of the jog.

More information on these events will be released as they are finalized.

The next meeting for the historical society will be held on Oct. 13.

Troy Brooks may be reached at 336-258-4058.

By Troy Brooks


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