Society discusses Labor Day flea market, other issues

By Troy Brooks -

JONESVILLE — The Jonesville Historical Society met last Thursday evening to discuss upcoming plans for Labor Day weekend as well as concerns about recent vandalism to the Mineral Springs Park War Memorial.

The society discussed possible ideas for events or entertainment for the Labor Day holiday and the coming flea market at Lila Swaim Park, a three-day event of music and vendors. Groups and residents are invited to set up booths for the market. The event will take place during Labor Day weekend.

Suggestions were made to use the shelter to set up some history exhibits at the park during the weekend.

“We did not have any historic displays at the Jonesville Jubilee this year,” said society secretary Allison Leeds. “And people missed that. What if we had something that was patriotic that we could show at the senior center? That might please people.”

Plans also are being made to hire entertainers. The plans will be discussed further during the society’s next meeting Thursday evening.

The society also discussed accounting and its financial situation. The group now has a balance of around $3,000.

The society’s recent treasurer Susan Cheek had resigned a few weeks ago due to personal endeavors and will no longer be responsible for the society’s accounting.

“We need someone who knows Quicken Books for accounting,” said society President Judy Wolfe. “We have a temporary volunteer who is helping us right now, but we need someone who will be willing to stay on board with us.”

The society received $3,500 earlier this year. Wolfe has communicated with the town and asked them to hold their check from the town of $6,750. She also has requested that the town manage the society’s funds. According to Wolfe, the town initially maintained the budget which worked out well for the society.

“The town will be handling the budget,” said Wolfe. “They did handle it for years and particularly now, if I’m going to be as sick as I am.”

The historical society also has plans for an audit, but doesn’t have the funds needed to perform it.

“An audit would cost roughly $2,000,” said Wolfe. “We don’t have $2,000 left over after we pay for everything. By the end of the month, I’ll show you what we have.”

Another matter discussed was the recent incident of vandalism at the war memorial on River Road. The door to the ticket booth was damaged with the lower panel having been kicked. Dozens of boxes worth of empty beer bottles were found inside the ticket booth lined up along the wall and the windows. The incident was first noticed by member Charles Mathis and then reported by Wolfe.

“It started out with the interior wall, front wall, somebody found several bags and receipts in the building,” said Wolfe. “Fifteen to 20 cases of empty beer bottles were stacked in the inside of the ticket booth. This was something special. They were stacked as high as you could stack the bottles.”

The incident is still under investigation by the Jonesville Police Department.

“Only in Jonesville,” said Leeds.

Tours and classes for the archaeology digs near the Yadkin River are being held off until the tobacco fields are done being sprayed, society members reported.

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By Troy Brooks

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