Elkin police briefs

Elkin Police Department reported the following incidents and arrests.

• Joshua Ernest Hogue, 36, of North Bridge Street, contacted the Elkin Police Department around 6 a.m. on June 26. He returned a phone call left by the officers and advised them that he had arrived back at the Elk Inn. Officers met with Hogue and advised that charges had already been issued for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Officers then asked Hogue to tell them what happened and why he failed to return to the Elk Inn yesterday with the vehicle. Hogue stated that the van had broken down and he had gotten lost while traveling back. Hogue advised that he and the co-worker had arrived in Hamptonville at around 11:30 a.m. He then stated that he left and got lost somewhere around Union Grove. Hogue also stated that the van began to jerk and was overheating. He advised that he sat on the side of the road for about two hours before an older gentleman stopped to help him. Hogue stated that he traveled back to the Elk Inn and arrived around midnight. Officers advised Hogue that they had to serve the warrant on him since the charges were already taken out. Hogue was issued a written promise and released from custody.

• Walgreen’s management advised officers that several employees had observed a shopper conceal merchandise on June 23. Employees allege that they observed Mindy Anita Isenhour Rosado, 36, of Gethsemane Road in Olin, conceal several store items in a purse and walk into the women’s restroom. Officers observed that Rosado was impaired and unable to stand still. The officer reported that her emotions were unstable, ranging from crying to screaming towards Walgreen’s employees and the officers. The officers reported locating a needle and Suboxine in Rosado’s purse. Rosado was placed under arrest and transported to the magistrate. The officer obtained a receipt for the concealed items for a total value of $19.96. All property was recovered. Rosado was given a $1,500 secured bond on probable cause charges for shoplifting concealment of goods and possession of drug paraphernalia. Rosado was transported to the Surry County Jail.

• On June 24, officers were dispatched to Sheetz in reference to a possible fight. As the officers arrived on the scene, they were advised that Ethan Adams, 21, of Maffaffey Road in Union Grove, and Jodi Danielle Gobble, 19, of Poplar Springs Road, came to the store and had an argument with some of the people outside.The manager advised that this was the second time he had to call the police because of Adams hanging around the store at night. The manager advised that he was going to ask Adams and Gobble not to be on the premises of the property any more. The officer witnessed the manager tell Adams and Gobbler not to return.

• On June 25, officers responded to Collins Road in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers observed David Jeffrey Prevette, 61, of Collins Road, sitting in a wheel chair on the side steps to the residence. When asked to explain what the issue was, Prevette stated that he was listening to music in the kitchen and his wife, Sherry Bueker Prevette, 53, came in screaming and pulled the plug for the radio out of the wall. Prevette stated that she began cussing him and screaming that he never listens to her. The officer then went and spoke to the wife who stated that she was trying to talk to her husband but the radio was so loud she couldn’t even hear herself think. She then went and unplugged the radio from the wall so she would be able to speak to him. She stated that when she did, Prevette became very irate and told her that he was going to kill her and came at her with a kitchen knife. She stated that she “jumped” out of the way when he swung it at her. She stated that he began throwing property around the living room then rolled his wheelchair outside. The officer asked Mrs. Prevette if she had any signs of the assault and she stated no. The officer then explained that unless signs of an assault occurred, all they could do would be to refer her to the magistrate’s office for charges.

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