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By Troy Brooks - tbrooks@civitasmedia.com

Author Jayme Moore Llewellyn with her books “Virtuous,” “In Due time” and “Forgetting Those Things.”

Troy Brooks | The Tribune

Sometimes inspiration can come from anywhere, even from the smallest of communities. Author Jayme Moore Llewellyn, a resident of Dobson, will be having a book signing for her books “Virtuous,” “In Due Time” and “Forgetting Those Things” at Diana’s Books & More on 127 W. Main St. in downtown Elkin Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.

The book signing is sponsored by Tate Publishing and is a free event for the public.

“Jayme Llewellyn’s publishing company, Tate Publishing, contacted us in May and asked if she could have a signing in July and I suggested the car show because that brings in another avenue in our car show and give people something to do,” said Carrie Vestal, owner of Diana’s Books & More. “We have not had Jayme here before. I love it when the authors come because they bring something different every time they come in. Each author has their own story to tell and their own book that they want to promote, but there’s a reason for it. It has something to do with either something they’re interested in or with their background and how they grew up, so it’s always so unique to hear the author’s stories and how they got their idea for the book. It’s always neat to see where these people come from.”

“I love book signings,” said Llewellyn. “It allows me to meet new readers and gets me out from behind the computer. I appreciate bookstores and venues such as Diana’s Bookstore for allowing me to do what I do because they allow me to not only meet readers, but I can get their feedback which sharpens me as a writer.”

Llewellyn grew up in Elkin and graduated from East Wilkes High School. She now lives in Dobson with her husband and three children. Her three books are focused in the inspirational Christian and romantic fiction genres. Her first book, “Virtuous,” took her four months to write and four months to edit and was published in 2014. The second and third books of the series, “In Due Time” and “Forgetting Those Times,” followed in 2015. Her goal is to be able to teach biblical principles and relationships through her stories. She is known for having a simple, easy-to-read style in her writing with lots of dialogue for her characters.

“Fiction is a different animal when it comes to writing,” said Llewellyn. “It’s different from doing a biography or a documentary. It’s fun and does require vivid imagination which I’ve always had. In fact, when I was in school, I thought it was a curse because my mind would wander. I’ve often thought that if I was in the classroom today I would be diagnosed with something.

“My mother also read a lot to me when I was a child and we came to the Elkin Public Library many times when I was young. I love fiction, and being able to create the story I want is wonderful for me. One of the things about writing I love is being able to step into a scene, put myself into the world, and think ‘what would I feel, what would I do, what would this character be going through?’ As far as the romantic side of it, I’ve been so blessed to have been surrounded by Christ-centered relationships. My paternal grandparents were married 60 years, my maternal grandparents were married 76 years, my parents have been married 52 years, and my husband and I just celebrated our 19 years of being together. I’ve seen what works and in a world and culture where we see the breakdown of the home so many times, it is a blessing for me.”

According to Llewellyn, writing was the easy part compared to the publishing process. She didn’t realize there were so many avenues out there and hundreds of publishers including traditional publishing, self-publishing, and E-publishing. For Llewellyn, it was a matter of finding the right fit for her and it took months of research before she found Tate Publishing.

Llewellyn has a busy life educating her three boys. She is also very active in her church ministry, working with children and playing the piano. Due to her busy schedule, people often ask her how she has time to write her stories.

“When I started out, one thing I’ve tried to do was prioritize and make sure that what I do wouldn’t interfere with me being a wife and mother,” said Llewellyn. “Being an author is sideline. Being a wife and mother is top on the list. What I would do is wait till the boys go to bed at night and then I would hit the computer to do just a little bit of writing at a time and just let my writing happen as it would.”

Llewellyn is working on the fourth book of her series and is working on a new genre for children which she plans on being a series as well. For her, having her work published has been exciting, but it also has been an awarding adventure for her to meet people from all walks of life.

“I’ve met some really great folks in the past,” said Llewellyn. “One lady from Maryland comes to mind. I met her through social media and she was so complementary about my work. I had a book signing in Mount Airy and she drove down for it and I got to meet her. It gave me a window into her life. I found out that she had a child with cancer and that was so humbling for me because it made me see that if I could put a smile on somebody’s face through my writing when they’re going through something like that, then it was worth it. Being able to encourage and help people going through those circumstances is wonderful. Getting published was exciting.

“I didn’t know if I would ever be published or not because it’s very competitive. I love what I do, but I’m not looking to become famous. It gives me an opportunity and whatever happens happens. I’m fine with that.”

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Author Jayme Moore Llewellyn with her books “Virtuous,” “In Due time” and “Forgetting Those Things.”
http://www.elkintribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/web1_IMG_0601.jpgAuthor Jayme Moore Llewellyn with her books “Virtuous,” “In Due time” and “Forgetting Those Things.” Troy Brooks | The Tribune

By Troy Brooks


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