Ronda starts making plans for future festival

Mobile home parks could get master water meters

By Troy Brooks -

RONDA — The town of Ronda has made a lot of progress over the last six to nine months and now the town is making plans to host a festival next year to celebrate its growth and accomplishments. At the end of the town commissioners meeting on June 30, Mayor Victor Varela and the board began making plans for a fall festival in the future.

“We’ve talked about trying to revive, set up, and doing something to celebrate all the progress this town’s made over the past year,” said Varela.

“Here is my suggestion. I have been heavy into event planning and looking at the town of Troy. They wanted to do a Trojan Horse Festival, although Gary had to remind them that the Trojan Horse wasn’t good for Troy,” said Town Advisor Ron Niland. “The point is, they wanted to do something fun centered around Greek history and mythology, and we’re going to help them do something in the spring. With that experience, we can work on something for Ronda. We have had, during the 100 years celebration, the Ronda Round-about and I think we should get some people together to start planning.”

At the end of the meeting, Niland asked everyone to find four to five people willing out work together on possibly building a fall festival, beginning work ahead of time so they can book bands, order food trucks, plan events, and invite people. Commissioner Rheajean Benge mentioned Wilkes Communications would help sponsor the festival. The possibility of an event will be discussed more during August’s meeting.

“All of you have said let’s do something for our town and our citizens and let’s have the newspaper write some fun things that are happening in Ronda,” said Varela. “My point being, I think it’s really time now to move forward on this. We are so far ahead of where we were a year ago it’s not even funny, in terms of the board, administratively, trying to move forward and do more services for the town. We’re going to look into grants to expand our parks and greenways, and part of that would be to be proud of who we are and where we’ve been in history.”

In other news, the budget amendments to the 2016-16 fiscal year budget were passed with a 5-0 vote.

The possibility of installing master meters at mobile home parks was discussed. Meetings were made with the suppliers of the meters and they believe the installation of the meters will save the town money.

“Some of the trailer parks in town need them,” said Varela. “We have a lot of problems with people leaving and not paying their bills. Somebody would move in and not tell us they moved in. It’s to better keep track of water use in the parks. The idea is to place a master meter at the entrance to the trailer park and let the owner of the park deal with it. That may also entice them to start fixing their trailers too, because a lot of them have leaks that need to be dealt with.”

The meters will help alert the town to water problems and control costs more easily than before as they can measure down to a 16th of a gallon.

“You could spit in these tubes and they would measure it,” said Benge.

Reports will be made to see what size meters they’ll need for the trailer parks.

“This board has discussed the possibility of getting out of individually metering these trailer parks and this is a big change to them,” said Niland. “I’ll be talking to the water folks to make sure what the procedure is. We are responsible for the lines up to the meter and so if we’re going to back that up to our main line and have a master meter, now all those individual lines that we have been maintaining are going to be the responsibility of the trailer parks.”

The meters will be discussed in more detail in the next board meeting, July 12.

Board members also have been talking with Wilkes Communications about giving Ronda more options in entertainment and communications.

“It’s TV, it’s internet, it’s cell phone, and it’s also security,” said Benge. “Before they can help us doing anything, they gave us a map and every resident is on the map, and we’re supposed to go through and see who’s living there or check if some of the residences have been abandoned. They want to see how many people are living in our housing area. We can’t do anything until we get that done.”

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Mobile home parks could get master water meters

By Troy Brooks

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