Police briefs

• Marty Allan Benge, 23, of Armstrong Road in Jonesville, and Melissa Addale Adamchek, 26, of Byrds Curve Road in Elkin, were charged with simple physical assault. Both came in to the Elkin Police Department on June 17 to turn themselves in on warrants. Both were issued a $2,500 unsecured bond and released.

• On June 20, police received a call from a citizen reporting that he believed a small group of people in two vehicles were conducting a drug deal. Police responded to the scene and issued Robert Carl Rhoades Jr., 26 of Dehart Church Road in McGrady, and Derek Keith Shoemaker, 27, of Calm Trail in State Road, citations for possession of drug paraphernalia and given a court date for July 6.

• Officers arrived at the Spring Valley Apartment complex on June 16 in reference to a warrant service on Cody Lee Luffman, 22, of Spring Valley. When the officer arrived, he observed Luffman climbing up the stairs on the north side of the complex. Luffman was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Surry County Magistrate’s office. After serving the warrant, the officer ran the tag on Luffman’s vehicle which came back as stolen. Luffman reportedly had a stolen year sticker from another vehicle to make the tag appear legal. The officer seized the tag and charged Luffman with possession of stolen property. He was issued a secured bond for $85,000 for probation warrants. While at the office, Luffman also was issued a charge for possession of stolen property and issued an additional secured bond of $5,000. Luffman was left in the custody of the jail.

• On June 16, Debra Lynn Benifield and Michael William Benifield advised officers at the police department that they were just involved in an incident at Walmart. The Benifields stated that while walking through the store, Michael’s ex-wife, Sabrina Renee Shumate, 30, of Stanley Brothers Lane in Jonesville, was continually calling names at them. The Benifields stated that as they were leaving Shumate stated to Debra, “she got [expletive] coming.” The officer asked Benifield what she took that to mean and if she believed Shumate would carry through with the threat and Benifield said she believed so. The officer referred the Benifields to the magistrate for charges in the incident.

• Officers responded to Walmart on June 16 in reference to a subject consuming alcohol in the bathroom. Upon arrival, the manager informed the officer that he caught Jesse Randall Staples, 25, of Overton Road in Dobson, consuming alcohol in the men’s restroom. Staples was issued a citation for off-premise consumption.

• Officers responded to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital on June 19 in reference to a disturbance in the parking deck between a male in a gray Jeep and a female patient. On arrival, the officer observed a gray Jeep in the parking deck occupied by a white male and a white female. The officer approached the passenger side where the female was seated. Upon approaching the Jeep, the officer observed, in plain view, an SKS model assault rifle in the passenger floorboard extending up between the driver, identified as Mark Monroe Goings, 43, of Haystack Road in Mount Airy, and the female passenger. The officer asked both parties what was going on and they stated they were having an argument and were breaking up. The officer informed them that he was contacted due to their argument growing loud and concerning the staff. Both subjects stated that it was fine and exited the vehicle. The female stated there was no physical exchange and that they were simply arguing and she had possibly gotten a little too loud. Goings stated that he had come to see the female after work and stated that she had gotten a little loud but that there was no form of physical exchange. The officer inquired if there were any other weapons in the car or on his person and Goings stated that there was a pistol in the passengers seat lying under some stuff. After running the serial number, the officer received confirmation of the stolen gun and informed Goings that he would have to arrest him. While searching him prior to placing him in the patrol vehicle, the officer located a glass smoking device in Goings’ front pants pocket. Goings was taken to the Elkin Police Department for felony processing under charges of possession of a stolen gun, possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia. Goings was ordered to be held in the Surry County Jail under a $5,000 secured bond.

• On June 19, Tammy Pack came to the Elkin Police Department to report a hit and run. Pack stated that she was traveling north on South Bridge Street when she approached the intersection of Standard Street. She stated that an older model white Ford truck was beside her traveling in the same direction. Pack stated that as they approached the intersection of Standard Street the truck began to cross over into her lane. She stated that she blew the horn multiple times in an attempt to get the driver’s attention, however, he did not respond. Pack stated that she had no choice but to get into the shoulder of the road and when she did this her car struck a light pole on the right front of her vehicle. The officer observed about $300 worth of damage to the vehicle. Pack stated the truck never made contact with her. The officer inspected the pole for safety concerns and he stated that it was in good shape, barely noticeable that someone had hit it with a vehicle.

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