Rape, kidnapping case reported in Elkin and Wilkes

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What started out as a kidnapping in Elkin, turned in to a rape case in Wilkes County this week.

According to Captain Brandon Absher of the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office, a 21-year-old female was kidnapped on Sunday in Elkin then found early Tuesday morning walking along Carter Mill Road in the Pleasant Ridge community of Wilkes County.

The call came in to the Wilkes department around 8:30 a.m. with the caller claiming she had been kidnapped and raped. According to Absher, the victim was able to escape the place she was being held and got to the highway before calling 911.

Elkin Police Department and Wilkes Sheriff’s Office both were dispatched to the scene.

The victim gave a Lewisville address as her place of residence, but according to Absher, she lives in Elkin with her boyfriend.

This is an ongoing investigation, as Elkin and Wilkes law enforcement officials are working together to solve this case.

Prostitution case in Wilkes County

The Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office also is investigating a prostitution case which occurred within the county on Tuesday.

Hailey Shae Baker, 22, of Traphill, was arrested and charged with prostitution, according to the Wilkes County Sheriff’s reports.

This is not the first reported prostitution case in Wilkes County. Absher said the department has received several reports over the past several months of prostitution taking place in Wilkes County. As the sheriff’s office started to investigate, investigators found out that individuals were posting their information to backpage.com under the Adult section.

The investigation showed individuals were willing to come from outside of Wilkes County to perform their services for Wilkes County residents. The department decided to send undercover agents in to perform sting operations.

So far the sheriff’s office has arrested Baker and six other individuals on cases of prostitution, according to Absher. The individuals who were arrested were not working together, he said.

Staff Report

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