Arts council to show documentary ‘Curious Worlds’

By Kitsey Burns Harrison -

A special showing of the documentary film “Curious Worlds: The Art and Imagination of David Beck” will be shown at Foothills Arts Council on Thursday at 7 p.m.

Members of the gallery committee for the arts council saw the film last fall at the RiverRun Film Festival in Winston-Salem.

Anne Gulley said as soon as she read the description of the film she knew she wanted to see it. The movie shares the story of artist David Beck who creates miniature sculptures which move about in little scenes.

Gulley said the film is just delightful and showcases Beck’s unusual works, many of which are visual puns.

“It’s just so fun and delightful,” Gulley said of the film and Beck’s work. “His work looks so simple, but it’s often very complex. He’s a mechanical genius, he makes all these little figures move. They are not just little carved figures, they are animated by old-fashioned mechanics.”

Gulley had a chance to meet the film maker Olympia Stone while at RiverRun and will be sharing some brief thoughts from her prior to the film showing.

Stone is an award-winning independent producer of documentary films about art and artists. Curious Worlds premiered at the prestigious Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham.

Her previous film, about the artist James Grashow, “The Cardboard Bernini,” charts the artist’s exhilarating quest to create an intricately detailed cardboard version of the Trevi fountain. The film was broadcast nationwide on PBS, it won Best Documentary at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2013, and was an official selection at Sebastopol, Santa Fe and 18 other festivals.

Foothills Arts Council has shown several art documentaries in the past and Gulley said she is glad to bring one back.

“I think there’s a real value in a communal experience,” Gulley said. “I think that’s work of showing films to an audience.”

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By Kitsey Burns Harrison

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