Health Department Inspections

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

Elkin Primary School, building, 135 Virginia Rd., Elkin. Inspected Sept. 16, score 95.5. Violations: 1) Floors: walls: and ceilings Clean the floor in the custodian closet outside of the cafeteria. Repair/replace the broken base tile in the boy’s restroom outside of the cafeteria. Sand and paint the wall in the stall in the boy’s restroom in the 4th/5th grade hall. Clean the floor in the 4th/5th grade hall storage closet. Repair/replace the broken base tile in the girl’s restroom 4th/5th grade hall. Clean the wall boards where needed (seen in, but not limited to: Room 171, Room 119). Sand and paint the chipping wall in room 119’s restroom. Repair the peeling wall in the 6th grade boy’s restroom.

2) Premises: miscellaneous All toxic chemicals with the exception of hand sanitizer, hand soaps, and body lotions must be stored as to avoid health hazards. Keeping chemicals stored under lock and key is the only reliable way to prevent health hazards. This was seen in, but not limited to the following areas: Room 186 (disinfectant wipes in the cabinets); Room 187 (white board cleaner at the white board, cleaners and aerosol cleaners in cabinets); Room 182 (aerosol air freshener, hair spray, disinfectant wipes in cabinets); gymnasium (disinfectant wipes and aerosol disinfectant on table in the gym area); Room 171 (disinfectant wipes at the sink, aerosol air freshener, cleaner, and hair spray stored in cabinets); Room 126 (disinfectant wipes); Room 109 (disinfectant wipes); Room 107 (disinfecting wipes); staff restroom in 6th grade building (aerosol air freshener); 6th grade computer lab (canned air).

Elkin Primary School lunch room, 135 Virginia Rd., Elkin. Inspected Nov. 4, score 97. Violations: 1) Wiping cloths: properly used and stored: Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation – C — There were several wet wiping cloths lying on food prep surfaces and carts. Wet wiping cloths must be stored in a container of approved sanitizer between uses (200 – 400 ppm quat sanitizer is acceptable).

2) Utensils, equipment and linens: properly stored, dried and handled: Equipment and Utensils, Air-Drying Required – C — Several dishes had towel debris left in them after drying. Allow all dishes to air-dry completely before nesting. Do not towel dry. Rewash these dishes before using to remove the towel debris.

3) Equipment, food and non-food-contact surfaces approved; cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used: Good Repair and Proper Adjustment-Equipment – C — The 2-compartment sink is not of approved construction. Squared corners on the compartments and drainboards affect the cleanability of the sink. The 2-door reach-in cooler had frozen up and is causing drips. I would recommend thawing it out to remove the ice build-up periodically. Drops from a leak were not witnessed, but there is a pan with a small amount of water underneath it to catch drips. Food Equipment, Certification and Classification – C — There are two food processors in the kitchen that are labeled “Household use only.” Equipment used in this facility must be NSF-listed, or in the absence of an NSF-listing, must meet Chapter 4-1 and 4-2 of the NC Food Code, which states that the equipment must be easy to clean AND must be used for its intended purpose. “Household use only” equipment used in a commercial or institutional setting is not its intended purpose. Nonfood-Contact Surfaces – C — Sand and paint the chipping shelf where the larger pots are stored (chipping).

4) Warewashing facilities: installed, maintained and used; test strips: Warewashing Machines, Manufacturers’ Operating Instructions – C — The wash cycle on the dish washing machine was reaching only 129 degrees F at the time of inspection. The manufacturer’s data plate requires a minimum of 160 degrees F when washing dishes. Repair or replace the dish machine.

5) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Floor and Wall Junctures, Coved, and Enclosed or Sealed – C — The wall/floor juncture in the walk-in cooler is open and should be sealed to prevent moisture from penetrating under the floor plating. Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C — Clean the floor under shelving, where needed. Clean the floor underneath the ice machine. Clean the top of the light fixture in the employee restroom. Clean the air return in the storage room. Repairing-Premises, Structures, Attachments, and Fixtures-Methods – C — The paper towel dispenser at the handwash sink is rusty on the right-hand side. You can sand and paint the dispenser, but I recommend replacing it, so that paper towels can be easily dispensed without having to place paper towels on top of the dispenser. Floors, Walls and Ceilings-Cleanability – C — Keep all storage at least 6 inches off of the floor (chemical buckets, storage containers). Sand and paint any chipping areas on the walls. Repair any broken floor tiles (threshold leading into the kitchen from the dining room (by the mop sink entrance).

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