Elkin ranks 5th for teacher retention

By Kathy Chaffin - kchaffin@civitasmedia.com

Ekin City Schools officials have been notified that the school system was the fifth highest ranked in the state for teacher retention in 2014-15.

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction reviewed school systems’ retention rankings for the N.C. State Board of Education at a meeting last Thursday. Elkin City Schools’ 2014-15 teacher turnover rate was 7.95 percent and has remained neutral for the past three years.

This compares with the statewide teacher turnover rate of 14.84 percent during the 2014-15 school year. This was up from a 14.12 percent turnover rate during the 2013-14 school year; 14.33 percent during 2012-13; 12.13 percent during 2011-12; and 11.17 percent during 2010-11.

“Elkin City Schools continues to be successful in retaining highly qualified teachers,” said Human Resources Director Allison Moxley, “which is reflected in our recent academic achievement data. Our teachers are involved in helping to shape the direction of teaching and learning in our district and have become highly engaged in classroom and school leadership responsibilities.”

Moxley said the school system’s principals and administrators are to be commended “for assisting and supporting our teachers in the classroom as we integrate a STEAM-infused educational experience for every child, Pre-K through 12.”

The annual Teacher Turnover report, which includes the retention rates of school systems across the state, has not yet been released to the public. General Statute 115C-12(22) requires the State Board of Education to monitor and compile an annual report on the number of teachers who leave the teaching profession.

Local Education Agency (LEA) turnover reports for the N.C. School Report Card is calculated based on the individuals employed in each LEA as teachers in March, but not employed by the same LEA as teachers in March of the following year as reflected in the Department of Public Instruction’s Licensure/Salary database.

There are five categories that determine teacher turnover: turnover but remained in education; turnover for personal reasons; turnover initiated by the LEA; turnover beyond control; and turnover for other reasons.

The seven teachers who left the Elkin City Schools during the 2014-15 school year did so for the following reasons: two chose to retire; four resigned to teach in another North Carolina public school system; and one teacher chose to resign due to a career change.

The four school systems with retention rates lower than the Elkin City Schools were the Graham City Schools with the lowest followed by the Yancey County Schools, Avery County Schools and Caldwell County Schools.

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By Kathy Chaffin


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