Families flock to art festival

Kim Harrison leads a group of children in theater games during the Family Arts Festival at Elkin Creek.

Balloon artist and show DJ Tally Fisher donned a jester’s hat and goofy shoes while entertaining children with balloon animals.

Brendan Finnegan and members of the Red Pants Band teach the children new games and songs during the festival.

Brendan Finnegan leads a drum a circle while other band members and children play along in rhythm.

Elkin Creek Vineyard hosted the third annual Family Arts and Festival on Saturday which drew a crowd of folks from the foothills to the Piedmont.

Children laughed and played as they created various noise makers to be used alongside the concert by the Red Pants Band. The items used to make the instruments were created from recycled and upcycled objects such as paper towel and toilet paper rolls, water bottles, cans and rice.

Children also were encouraged to decorate a large canvas banner with this year’s slogan “Together We Can!” On the banner, children were encouraged to complete the thought by listing things that can be achieved together. One artist wrote “change the” with a rendering of the world located below. Another chose wrote “Have Peace” while one little girl abstractly wrote “be fishys.”

The banner will be displayed at the new Yadkin Valley Community School, which hosted its first open house on Sunday. The school is enrolling. Husband and wife school founders Joe and Kim Seipel-Parks were in attendance, helping children with crafts, along with many other volunteers from the local community.

Theater games were a hit with the younger children who enjoyed impersonating various creatures and objects. The children, aged about 2 to 5, were led by Kim Harrison as they ran around pretending to be a puppy one second and a soldier the next.

“I’m a puppy!” Harrison exclaimed as they all wagged their pretend tales and let out barks in their tiny voices. “Ok, now I’m a soldier,” said Harrison more seriously, in which they all broke into a march.

As the families meandered between games, arts and crafts, some chose to venture to the Elkin Creek to dip their toes in the cool water or simply take a beautiful photo.

At 1:30 p.m., Brendan Finnegan led the children in a music circle, where they were able to put their newly made instruments to work as they walked and drummed. Elkin High School student videographers recorded the children throughout the day to appear in one of the band’s upcoming videos for Danny Weinkauf’s new song, “Hey.”

Weinkauf is a Grammy Award winning composer and longtime bassist for the “They Might Be Giants” band, at the event.

After the warm-up session, Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band performed a concert for all in attendance.

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