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Staff Report

Elkin Police Department reported the following incidents and arrests.

• On Aug. 2, officers responded to Elk Inn in reference to property damage. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the property manager who advised that two guests who had stayed in room 201 trashed the room before checking out. The officer inquired whether anything was actually broken and he stated no, they just made a mess but did not actually destroy anything. The officer asked him to show him the room and upon entry he observed what appeared to be watermelon all over the walls and mirrors. He observed the drawers of the furniture were taken out and lying in the bathtub, the beds were flipped over and paper towels were all over the floor. A report was filed citing $200 in damages.

• Jason O’Neal Barnes, 29, of White Plains Road in Roaring River, was charged with driving while impaired on Aug. 2. Officers were conducting a traffic stop near Carolina West Wireless on Barnes’ grey Chevrolet car for failure to yield right of way. The officer explained the reason for the stop and asked him to produce his license. When the officer returned to his patrol vehicle, he learned that Barnes had outstanding warrants for arrest out of Wilkes County for DWI. The officer placed Barnes under arrest without incident and transported him to the magistrate. Barnes was then taken back to his vehicle and released.

• Officers responded to East Robin Street in reference to a stolen vehicle on Aug. 3. On arrival, the officer spoke with Mary Harris who stated that her truck had been taken sometime before 8 a.m. Harris stated that she had bought the truck from T and A Motors for her boyfriend, Garry Alan Crapps, 51, of East Robin Street. Harris stated that she did not give Crapps permission to go far away in the truck. Harris was referred to the magistrate for charges as the vehicle was not stolen, she purchased it for Crapps to use.

• Quinten Bryant Finley, 21, of Roaring Gap Road in Alleghany, stated that he met a person on Craigslist that offered him a part-time job. Quinten stated that Mark Johnson from a Craigslist post sent him a check for $1,492.31 to pay bills for him. The check was discovered to be fraudulent when Finley deposited it into his account.

• On July 27, Alfred James Jackson, 59, of Woodland Drive, stated that he left his home at 11 p.m. to go to Mount Airy. He stated that he secured his two female rottweilers to two separate trees in his yard. When he returned home at 3:30 p.m. he noticed his two dogs were missing. Jackson stated that the dogs were 6 months old and had black and brown paws. One of the dogs had a red collar and the other was wearing a blue collar. Jackson stated that he had no suspects in the incident. The officer advised Jackson that he would check the area while on patrol.

• On July 28, officers responded to Colony Lane in reference to serving warrants. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Jack Douglas Shuck, 52, who had a warrant for his arrest. The officers advised Shuck of his warrant and transported him to the magistrate. Shuck paid a $3,000 cash bond and was transported back to Elkin and released with a court date to appear on Aug. 18.

• On July 30, officers responded to Hill Street in reference to a female subject refusing to leave the property of The ARK shelter. Prior to arriving, dispatch advised that the female subject was impaired and using profanity towards the staff. Once the officers arrived, they spoke with the staff who advised that Julia Denise Kulesa, 51, of 17th Street SW in Hickory, was a resident but that about 10 minutes before the officers’ arrival they had asked Kulesa to leave the property due to her excessive use of alcohol and because she had threatened to assault staff members. The officers spoke with Kulesa and advised her that the staff wanted her to leave the property and begin to gather her belongings. As the officer spoke with Kulesa he observed that she was heavily impaired with a strong odor of alcohol about her person. Kulesa was allegedly unsteady on her feet as she began to gather her property. The staff further advised the officer that Kulesa did not have a ride to assist her in leaving the property but they had spoken with Tri-C Ministries about providing a hotel room for her at the Budget Inn in Jonesville for the night. The officers advised Kulesa of the arrangement and that if she did not comply then she would be placed under arrest. Kulesa then complied. Due to her impairment, the officers transported Kulesa to the Budget Inn in Jonesville.

• On July 31, Timothy Joe Holbrook, 37, of Hwy. 67 in Jonesville, was allegedly trespassing in Walmart after having been banned previously. Officers spoke with Holbrook and advised him that he was trespassing. Officers also discovered two unserved criminal summons for second degree trespassing. Holbrook was issued a court date of Sept. 14.

• Officers responded to a reported larceny at Walmart on July 31. Upon arrival, management informed officers that a subject was concealing merchandise. Loss prevention had already detained the subject when officers arrived. Balvinder Singh Bhandari, 54, of Bridge Brook Lane SW in Smyrna, Georgia, had allegedly removed an anti-theft electronic device from merchandise before cutting the box open and concealing the items. The items listed in the police report include two Go Pro cameras and two camera accessories. Bhandari was taken into custody and given a $2,500 secured bond.

Staff Report

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