Police Briefs

Elkin Police Department reported the following incidents and arrests.

• On May 31, officers responded to the Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in reference to a combative patient. The 30-year-old white male, whose name police have not released, was brought in by the Yadkin EMS after being assaulted in Jonesville. The patient was extremely intoxicated and had a laceration above the right eye which was bleeding a considerable amount. After being placed into the secure hold room of the ED, the patient became violent. The patient turned the hospital bed over and was hitting his head over the windows in the room. The patient was cited with intoxicated and disruptive.

• Robert Charles Hayes, 33, of Quail Lane in Jonesville, was arrested for alleged larceny/concealment of merchandise at Walmart on May 31. Officers were dispatched to Walmart in reference to a larceny that asset protection had located on video. The videoed suspect allegedly took a prepaid straight talk phone out of the hard case and concealed it on his person. The video then showed him going to sporting goods and concealing an airsoft gun in a tool box before a cashier found it. Hayes stated to the cashier that he did not know the gun was in the tool box and left the store with only the prepaid phone. Hayes picked up a money gram while at Walmart and had to show a valid ID. The officer called the cell number and spoke with Hayes who reportedly agreed to bring the phone back to the police department. When the officer went to get the report, he was informed that Hayes was trespassing and had stolen PlayStation 3 games. Hayes left and returned with three games, one of which he had a receipt showing that he had paid for the game that day. Hayes was cited and released from the police department.

• On May 28, officers responded to Kirkland Avenue in response to a civil disturbance. After speaking with Ida Renee Beck, 42, and Candy Renee Alabaster, 43, Beck advised that Alabaster had recently been removed from the ARK Women’s Shelter and had been staying with her for the last two weeks. Beck stated that she allowed Alabaster to stay with her temporarily because she and her 19-year-old son did not have anywhere else to go. Beck advised that she told Alabaster that she had to leave her apartment a few days ago but that she has not left. Beck advised that she again told Alabaster on this date and placed a few of her items outside of the front door of the apartment. Beck advised that Alabaster became upset with her and grabbed her by her arm as they argued. The officer did not observe any signs of assault. Beck stated she then contacted the Elkin PD. Alabaster advised that she and her son were in the process of moving her property out of the apartment. The officer advised Alabaster that he and another officer would stand by while she moved her essential items out of the apartment but would not move items for her. Alabaster removed her essential property and the officers cleared the scene without incident.

• On May 31, officers were dispatched to CVS in reference to shoplifting. The store clerk advised that she observed three white females come in the store and conceal items before leaving in a black Nissan. Items listed on the property description include bottles of Matrix shampoo, Matrix conditioner, Milani lipstick, hair clips and Burts lip products. The investigation is ongoing.

• While conducting a drivers license checkpoint on June 1 of all north and southbound traffic on North Bridge Street near the Elkin Rescue Squad, a black passenger car approached. Prior to making contact with the driver, Kelsie Lynn Bloom, 23, of Veneer Street, the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After returning her license, the officer asked Bloom if she would pull to the side. Bloom was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and she stated no. The officer asked if he could search the vehicle and she stated that would be fine. Upon searching the vehicle, the officer noticed a black Oakley sunglasses pouch in an area under the driver’s seat armrest. According to the police report, the pouch was bulged out and in a circular form which was not consistent with the shape or form of sunglasses. The officer opened the bag and located a plastic Ziploc bag containing several large marijuana buds. Bloom was released on citation of possessing/concealing drug paraphernalia and drug violations. She was given a court date of Aug. 17.

• On May 28, officers responded to Dollar General in reference to concealment. Upon arrival, they spoke with the manager who stated she observed Whitney Nicole Sizemore, 24, of Cal Long Road in Hamptonville, conceal two packs of men’s boxers. The officer issued a citation and explained that Sizemore was free to go.

• Officers responded to Walmart in reference to a larceny on May 28. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with management who advised that the suspect had been very cooperative and they did not want to charge him, they just wanted him identified due to the fact that he did not have his ID on him. They wanted to be sure he was not trespassing.

At the same time, management advised that they were in the process of stopping another suspect that was unrelated to this one, at which point dispatch advised that there was a fight in progress at Walmart. Both managers came around the corner with a suspects later identified as Melissa Burgos, 18, of Childress Drive in Yadkinville, and Jeffrey John Shubart, 42, of Poplar Springs Road in Elkin. According to the report, Burgos was irate, screaming that the manager attacked her. Shubart was screaming that the manager choked him.

The officer asked Burgos to explain what happened and she stated that she was leaving the store and the manager came up and grabbed her purse and tried to run away with it, according to the incident report. The officer asked Burgos if the manager identified himself as a Walmart employee and she stated no. The officer asked if she attempted to steal anything and she stated no. At that point another officer began speaking with her and was able to recover several items belonging to Walmart out of her purse.

The officer then asked the manager for his side of the story. The manager stated that he observed Burgos conceal several items in her purse and attempt to leave. He then approached her at the grocery side door and identified himself as Walmart loss prevention and asked her to come with him. He stated that she began to turn away and he grabbed her purse in an attempt to recover the property. He stated they began pulling back at the purse and the two continued to struggle until Burgos fell down. He stated that he was still trying to recover the property when he was attacked by Schubart. At that point, the other manager came to his assistance and pulled the male away.

The officer asked the second manager what happened and he stated he saw Schubart fighting so he knocked Schubart away and identified himself as Walmart loss prevention. He advised the officer that Schubart kept attacking him. Upon review of the video, the officer was able to determine that Schubart was acting in defense of Burgos due to the fact that he believed the manager was attacking her and trying to rob her.

Schubart was advised he was free to go and referred to the magistrate’s office for criminal charges. Burgos was issued a citation for misdemeanor larceny and released.

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