Town of Ronda to change fire tax to Wilkes County

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — Wednesday, the Wilkes County commissioners responded favorably to the request from the town of Ronda to change the collection of the fire tax for local residents from the town to the county, allowing a decrease in the town tax rate.

After the town meeting on Feb. 14 where the Ronda Board of Commissioners voted to continue this process of change after the initial decision to do so last June, Mayor Victor Varela sent Wilkes County Board of Commissioners Chairman Greg Minton a letter.

In the letter, Varela wrote, “Ronda respectfully requests that the Wilkes Board of Commissioners incorporate the Town of Ronda into the Ronda Fire Tax District, and collect fire tax on behalf of the Ronda FD for the residents of the Town of Ronda just as any other property owner in the district. This would accomplish our administrative goals and would secure funding for the Ronda FD from residents of the Town of Ronda without scrutiny from future Ronda boards.”

Varela said he had heard from John Yeats, manager of Wilkes County. “The county commissioners have agreed to incorporate the town of Ronda into the fire district for tax collection purposes,” reported Varela. “All that is required to complete the action is for our boards to approve a mutual resolution.”

Ronda Board of Commissioners will hold its next meeting on March 14 with a public work session on the Thursday preceding. Wilkes Board of Commissioners will meet next on March 7 at 7 p.m. in the Commissioners Room of the County Office Building. Meetings for both boards are open to the public.

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By Beanie Taylor

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