The town of Ronda lowers taxes by insisting Wilks County collect fire tax

By Beanie Taylor -

RONDA — For several years, the town of Ronda has attempted to change the way funding for the local fire department has been taxed for residents in order to lower the town tax rate. At the February Board of Commissioner’s meeting, the board voted to send notices that it would be making changes as of June 30 of this year.

Until that date, the town will continue to collect a tax for the fire department, which is paid by contract for those residents and businesses in the town limits. The department serving town is the Ronda Fire Department, a county department which is under contract. According to Mayor Victor Varela, “doing it this way will save a lot of worry and frustration.”

Last May, Varela asked Wilkes County commissioners to begin collecting the fire district tax.

At Tuesday’s meeting, two resolutions were signed that will complete the process of change. One resolution states that the town will continue to fund the fire department until June 30, while the other states, “as of June 30, 2017 the town of Ronda will no longer budget for fire tax to be included in the tax rates and the rates will be lowered for the town residents.”

This change in the collection of taxes should have no impact on services.

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By Beanie Taylor

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