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Elkin Police Department reported the following incidents and arrests.

• On July 13, police responded to Food Lion in Elkin in reference to a suspicious person underneath an employee’s vehicle. The employee noticed there was a subject lying under her vehicle and contacted the Elkin Police Department. Upon arrival, officers asked the man, identified as Jason Scott Shreve, 37, of Ambrose Creek Road in State Road, why he was under the vehicle. Shreve stated he was looking for a key. The officers asked Shreve to come out from under the vehicle and he replied that it would be a minute. The subject had an open pocket knife lying beside him on the ground as well as a set of keys. The officers helped the subject get out from under the vehicle and searched his person due to the open pocket knife. After searching Shreve, officers found a black bag in his left cargo pocket that contained a clear crystal like substance that was wrapped up in a corner of a clear plastic baggie. Officers also located Suboxone in the black bag. In the right cargo pocket, officers located a set of AWS scales and a pack of J&B 1.25 rolling papers. The officers then detained Shreve and placed him in the back of the patrol car. After identifying the Suboxone packs as a schedule III controlled substance and the paraphernalia that was located on Shreve, the officer advised that he was now in custody and transported to the Elkin Police Department. Shreve was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of schedule III controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Shreve was taken before the magistrate who found probable cause. While being searched in the Surry County Detention Center, the officer found a plastic baggie containing marijuana. Shreve was taken back to the magistrate and charged with possession of controlled substance on prison/jail premises. Shreve was placed under a $6,000 secured bond.

• Darrell Steven Billings, 35, of New Covenant Church Road in Hays, was charged with driving while impaired and traffic violations on July 14. While an officer was on patrol, traveling West on CC Camp Road, he observed a gray passenger car traveling East on CC Camp Road at a high rate of speed. The officer estimated the speed of the vehicle to be 55 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer confirmed the vehicle to be traveling 57 mph as it approached. The officer confirmed that the vehicle sped up as it passed, reaching a speed of 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer turned the patrol car in an attempt to catch up to the vehicle who was cutting in and out of traffic. After the officer caught up he initiated a traffic stop. As he approached, the officer observed Billings sitting behind the steering wheel and detected a slight odor of alcohol from inside the vehicle. The officer asked Billings if he had spilled alcohol inside his vehicle and Billings responded that his vehicle was dirty. The officer then asked Billings to step out of his vehicle so that he could submit to an Alco-sensor test. Billings was placed under arrest for DWI and transported to the police department. After giving a breath analysis and being transported to the Surry County magistrate, Billings was issued a written promise to appear in court.

• Officers responded to North Bridge Street in reference to a suspicious person on July 14. Upon arrival officers spoke with Mindy Isenhour Rosado, 36, of Hill Street, who matched the description of the suspicious subject. Officers observed Rosado acting very nervous aand could not stand still or carry on a conversation. Rosado allegedly kept looking in her pocket book every time she would talk. The officers asked Rosado if she had anything illegal that they needed to know about. Rosado stated she did not. The officers asked permission to search her belongings and she stated “go ahead, that’s fine.” During the search, the officers found a syringe and two spoons in a dark blue and light blue striped bag. Rosado was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and released.

• On July 16, officers responded to Brook Fall Dairy Road and spoke with employee Jennifer Pipes, who stated that she observed Christy Kay Conley, 32, of McKinley Trail in State Road, conceal merchandise in her purse. Conley was cited for concealment of goods and given a court date of Aug. 24.

• On July 18, officers responded to the area of Arnold Street and North Bridge Street in reference to a possible impaired driver. Prior to the officers arrival, dispatch advised that a vehicle had struck a stop sign near Arnold Avenue. The officer located the damaged property but did not observe a vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted at the end of Arnold Avenue. As the second officer arrived, he noticed a male subject standing outside of burgundy vehicle. As the officer approached, the subject, identified as Troy Lee Bolen, 45, of Old Traphill Road in Ronda, was unsteady on his feet and began to lean against the side of the vehicle. The officer observed damage consistent with a pole or sign striking the left front quarter panel of the vehicle and conducted a field sobriety test on Bolen. Bolen was placed under arrest on charges of driving while impaired. During this time, another officer placed the passenger, Jennifer Ann Sprinkle, 31, of Gilliam Road in North Wilkesboro, under arrest in reference to a warrant service. Bolen was transported to the Elkin Police Department where he appeared to fall asleep twice while sitting in a chair in the custody room. Sprinkle was issued a $300 cash bond and Bolen was issued a written promise but would have to remain in jail until he finds a ride back home.

• Emily Alessia Rodriguez, 19, and Kristen Renee Bradley, 20, both of North Bridge Street, were charged with larceny on July 16 after allegedly concealing items at Walmart. The store manager informed officers that he observed a white female and a black female in the store concealing a set of speakers for an mp3 and two pairs black knit shorts in their purses before both subjects past the point of sale. The officer advised Bradley that by taking the speakers from the shelf and giving them to Rodriguez, she had aided her in larceny and would be charged. Bradley stated she had no I.D. and never had one. She stated she was from Charlotte and that her name was Emma Kris Barton and gave a date of birth. She had to try multiple times to give the officer this information as she repeatedly gave different dates and addresses for her residence. The officer made contact with Bradley’s mother who informed the officer of the true name and date of birth. Bradley became irate when the officer informed her that he spoke to her mother and had to place Bradley in handcuffs. Bradley was placed under arrest on charges of obstruct and delay. Rodriguez was issued a citation for larceny. Bradley was issued a citation and banned from all Walmart properties after the officer discovered a larceny charge from January in Charlotte.

• On July 18, officers responded to Wilco/Hess on CC Camp Road in reference to a call that a male was inside of his vehicle at pump number one and it looked as though he had passed out. When the officers arrived, they approached the pump and found Daniel Wayne Hawks, 35, of Belvue Drive in Mount Airy, asleep with the vehicle still running and his foot on the brake. The officers asked Hawks to step out the vehicle. Hawks stated that he had gotten extremely tired while driving down the interstate and decided to pull off the exit. He stated that when he drove up to the pump he must have fallen asleep before he had a chance to put the vehicle in park. The officer asked Hawks if he had any weapons or drugs on his person. Hawks stated that he did have a glass marijuana pipe in his left pocket and a bag of marijuana in his right pocket. After patting Hawks down, the officer removed the drug items from his pockets. The other officer located a pill bottle containing Hawks’ prescribed medication but the bottle also contained a small bag with 10 1mg pills of Alprazolam. The officer also located another bottle of pills without the label containing 11 1/2 1mg pills of Alprazolam. The officers then located a pair of brass knuckles in the glove compartment. Hawks was placed under arrest and transported to the police department. Hawks was charged with possession of schedule IV controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana less that 1/2 oz. and possession of a concealed weapon. Hawks was given a written promise to appear in court on Sept. 21 in Dobson.

Staff Report

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