Elkin Summer Camps going strong

By Troy Brooks - tbrooks@civitasmedia.com

Camp kids cool off on a hot Monday afternoon in the Elkin Municipal Pool.

Children play a game of cards in the shade.

School may be out but the kids have been anything but bored this summer.

The Elkin summer camps have been going strong with around 50 kids participating in activities, games, and sports each day. The summer camps are for kids who have just finished kindergarten up to middle school age. They are helped along by a group of volunteers and counselors who have a passion for children and giving them the best opportunities during summer.

“We try to make the summer as great and fun as it possibly can,” said assistant camp director Tyler Robbins. “The Elkin Recreation Center lets us use all of its facilities. We go to the pool every day from 1 to 3 but we also try to think outside the box. Last week we had a water slide made out of a tarp on the hill here at the parks for the kids to play on. The kids were a sopping mess but they loved it. We go to the library on Thursdays, movies on Tuesday every week, and we try to come up with different activities for them. The kids are also split up into groups. You may find one group in the playground having fun, another group maybe in the gym playing games, and the next group out on the nature trail.”

Rising seventh graders Ava Bledsoe and Dalton Church have both been doing the camps for six years and love coming back every summer.

“It’s very fun,” said Church. “We stay active and get to play and do things together. “

“I love playing games and playing kickball,” said Bledsoe.

One neat aspect about the camps this year is that some kids have been joining the camps from out of state while visiting family in the area. So far the camp has had two kids from Florida, a kid from Texas, and a couple of kids from Georgia.

“It’s been awesome this year,” said Robbins. “It allows them to interact with kids they possibly would never have meet if they weren’t in the area.”

“It’s been a very good day,” said rising seventh grader Devon Cunningham, who was from Florida visiting family. “We did this skit earlier today and it was really fun. My team got first place. Still, my favorite thing has to be swimming every day.”

One of the major goals of the camps is to help promote a healthier lifestyles. Children are given two healthy snacks a day and water. Counselors try to limits soda intake and give kids activities that will keep them moving. The camps have ten volunteers with eight volunteers working at one time.

“A lot of kids don’t get the proper nutrition they need during summer since they’re not in school,” said

“I’m from Elkin so I’ve lived here all my life. And the good thing about this is everyone who works with this wants to do education in some capacity,” said Robbins. “We don’t have people who don’t want to work with kids. For me, I just love interacting with the kids. We have a great group of people who work here and it just allows us to have a fun environment with the kids.

“Today, we were doing skits with the kids and they loved it. We just gave them a bunch of random stuff and they got to create their own skits. It was a great time. I got to do the program as a kid and it’s just a good way for kids to have a good summer when both of their parents are at work. they don’t have to stay at grandma or grandpa’s house. They get to interact with kids their own age. They don’t have to miss their friends from school because most of the kids we do get are from Elkin.”

There are only a couple more weeks of day camps left this summer before the school year starts up again. Families can sign there children up at the Elkin Recreation Center.

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Camp kids cool off on a hot Monday afternoon in the Elkin Municipal Pool.
http://www.elkintribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/web1_IMG_0568.jpgCamp kids cool off on a hot Monday afternoon in the Elkin Municipal Pool.

Children play a game of cards in the shade.
http://www.elkintribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/web1_IMG_0560.jpgChildren play a game of cards in the shade.

By Troy Brooks


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