Caleb Sigmon, master of illusion

By Troy Brooks -

Caleb Sigmon brings a night of illusion and fun for family and kids.

Caleb Sigmon attempts to make a card disappear with the assistance of Cassidy Madison.

He is a master of illusion and storytelling. He defies what’s possible and what is not possible while making others chuckle along the way.

His name is Caleb Sigmon and he dropped in on the Elkin Public Library Thursday to share an evening of tricks and jokes with kids and family while teaching a few life lessons on pursuing your goals and dreams.

Sigmon first held a workshop at 5:30 p.m. before the main show where kids and teens got a chance to master the methods of Sigmon’s madness by learning tricks involving anything from rubber bands to beads.

“I love these hands-on activities for the kids because they find areas of interest that they didn’t even know they had before,” said Assistant Librarian Kelly Snow. “Some of the kids in there are now doing magic tricks and they would have never been doing them if they never saw him doing it. They think ‘Oh wow, I really can do that.’ One of my favorite stories last year, we had a juggler come in the spring and this one kid picks up these containers we’re working with and starts juggling with them. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, I didn’t know you could do that’ and he said ‘oh, remember that juggler guy last year? I’ve been practicing.’ One of the kids in the workshop there today said, ‘I can’t wait to do this on a date.”

After the workshop, the main show started at 6:30 p.m. and Sigmon dazzled everyone’s minds with jokes and tricks including a Houdini-style escape at the end of the show. One of the highlights of Sigmon’s presentation was just how interactive his endeavors were and how much he involved his audience. There was never a dull moment as everyone laughed and giggled at Sigmon’s madness.

The Elkin Public Library has had many programs this summer for kids and adults of all ages and has showcased artists, storytellers, performers, and classes. Snow believes that the programs are among the highlights of summer for the library because of the interactive events they give to children and teens.

“It gives them a chance to do something hands on,” said Snow. “Also, one of the biggest things in the summer is we want kids in here because when they leave we want them to take books with them. We want them reading. Some performers send out advertisements and we find them that way. A couple of us went to a workshop in the spring for summer reading programs and we met Sigmon there. He was just so charismatic and we liked him and we liked what he did and the message that he brought and so we gave him a call when we got back. And sometimes, other libraries say, ‘hey, we had this amazing performer. You should try him sometime.’

Sigmons started doing magic tricks when he got a magic kit for Christmas at the age of 5. He went full-time in his magic trick show when he graduated from high school in 2011. He worked at Tweetsie Railroad for two years before starting his magic show and his talents have taken him all over the nation. Outside of the summer reading programs, Sigmon performs at art centers, theatres, schools, colleges, birthday parties, and has taken his one-man show across the country. He just got back from a trip to Washington State two weeks ago.”

“One of the things I realized was that I could do something that the other kids couldn’t and I figured out a way to do that as my job and be able to share it with thousands of others each year,” said Sigmon. “It’s the coolest job in the world. I especially love these summer reading shows with libraries because I get to interact with an energetic, family audience and that’s so fun because so much of the show relies on people’s participation. Each show is different and so unique from the next. That’s probably my favorite part of the show, making them feel part of the show instead of just watching the show.”

Sigmon said he hopes that his audiences laugh and have fun but he also hopes that his shows encourages people to chase their dreams and show them that nothing is impossible.

“I love it,” said Cassidy Madison who helped Sigmon perform one of his tricks. “He’s good at what he does.”

As Sigmon stated at the end of the show,”I believe that whenever you use your gifts and share them with the people around you, I believe that that is when something magical and truly amazing happens. And maybe you don’t know what that gift is and chances are, no matter how old you are, if you don’t know what that gift is, I bet that it will find you before you find it.”

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Caleb Sigmon brings a night of illusion and fun for family and kids. Sigmon brings a night of illusion and fun for family and kids.

Caleb Sigmon attempts to make a card disappear with the assistance of Cassidy Madison. Sigmon attempts to make a card disappear with the assistance of Cassidy Madison.

By Troy Brooks

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