Elkin City Schools celebrate summer literacy goals

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Shannon Swaim, ECS curriculum facilitator, awaits Give 5 Read 5 donations.

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During the month of May, Elkin City Schools participated once more in the Give Five-Read Five campaign, and surpassed book collection goals by a wide margin.

The initiative, guided by ECS Curriculum Facilitator Shannon Macy Swaim, sought to collect enough books to send five books home with every kindergarten through fifth grade student this summer. However, the school system received enough donations to send seven books home with each student in prekindergarten through sixth grade. A grand total of 4,573 books was collected system-wide.

Those books sent home with each student means learning can continue throughout the summer and literacy skills can be maintained outside of the classroom, preventing “summer loss or summer slump.” Those five or more books may be especially important in homes without adequate resources to provide reading materials to children.

Research suggests that children who do not read over the summer may fall two and a half to three months behind their peers in literacy skills. As a result, by the end of fifth grade, many of these students are about two and a half years behind in terms of reading ability.

In light of that research, Elkin City Schools is also encouraging parents with Internet access to use the new myOn Chrome App – Version 1 this summer. According to Swaim, “K-12 students will have access to thousands of interesting books that are on their lexile reading level which they can access from any computer device at home through an app or download.”

According to the myON Chrome App release notes, twenty books may be downloaded to be read anytime, and the software will also track student reading statistics while making every book available in the reader’s collection through the Chrome browser. For more information, go to the Chrome Store at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/myon.

Students are encouraged to access www.myON.com with their user name and password which can be obtained from their school or teacher. Using this new software, students will have a large, interesting collection of books at their fingertips to read online over the summer.

Swaim commented, “We would like to thank all of you who contributed to this year’s GIVE FIVE-READ FIVE Summer Reading Book Drive to make it a huge success and ask you to please encourage your child to participate in the myON Summer Reading Program.”

Shannon Swaim, ECS curriculum facilitator, awaits Give 5 Read 5 donations.
http://www.elkintribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/web1_Give5.jpgShannon Swaim, ECS curriculum facilitator, awaits Give 5 Read 5 donations. Submitted photo

Staff Report

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