Barter Theater returning to Elkin, public performance is March 18

By Lauren Bryant and Krista Bryant - For The Tribune

Barter Players perform “The Ugly Duckling.”

Photo courtesy of The Barter Theater

The Barter Theater is returning to Elkin on Friday and will perform “The Ugly Duckling” for grades prekindergarten through fifth in Elkin High School’s Dixon Auditorium at 9 a.m.

The performance is free for faculty and staff and Principal Pam Colbert expects to have all 657 elementary students attend. She is planning to bus them to the high school in shuttle fashion.

Colbert thinks attending the play will be a great learning experience for her students. “Students are able to make comparisons between the play and written texts they may have read in class,” she explained.

Elkin City Schools Superintendent Dr. Myra Cox also believes attending live theater is a rich educational experience. “Watching live performance engages the viewer much more than reading the play or watching a movie.”

“The Ugly Duckling” is adapted by Catherine Gray, who based the play on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Almost everyone has heard of or read this lovable fairy tale before about an ugly duckling who is different from the rest of the ducklings. In his quest to find a place in the world, the ugly duckling realizes that he has to accept who he is to know what he will become.

While The Barter Theater performs for elementary students Friday morning, “The Giver” will be performed for middle and high school students on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, The Barter Players also will perform “Great Expectations” for the public at 7:30 p.m. in the Dixon Auditorium.

The play is based on a novel originally written by Charles Dickens which has been adapted by Catherine Bush. In the play, an orphan named Philip Pirrip, also known as Pip, encounters an escaped convict in a graveyard one night. He goes on an adventure that brings him to London. There he meets a woman named Miss Havisham and her attractive ward, Estella. Pip falls in love with Estella and tries to make her fall for him. With determination, Pip diligently works to reach his great expectations, but soon realizes it is harder than he thinks.

Tickets for “Great Expectations” are available in the Elkin High School office, the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Elkin City Schools Central Office.

Prepaid tickets cost $10 for adults, but adults will pay $15 at the door. Student tickets cost only $5. Tickets that are purchased in advance also come with a Dinner and Theater discount at Generations Restaurant, located in Jonesville. However, a ticket is required in order to qualify for the discount.

Lauren Bryant and Krista Bryant are members of the Elkin High School Journalism Club.

Barter Players perform “The Ugly Duckling.” Players perform “The Ugly Duckling.” Photo courtesy of The Barter Theater

By Lauren Bryant and Krista Bryant

For The Tribune

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