Letter to editor

By Wendy Byerly Wood

May 28, 2014

To the editor,

My wife, Dana Easton, and I just returned from the annual Memorial Day Program at the Elkin Municipal Park and it was a great showing of civic pride and patriotism. Additionally, it was very humbling to honor those that protect and defend our freedom and liberty. As the saying goes “All gave some and some gave all”. But what I’m writing about was an event within the event that I witnessed that I feel needs telling.

As my wife and I arrived and took our seats on the railroad ties as we usually do she looked over to an athletic field and saw children (approx. 7-10 years in age and numbering about 40) playing soccer. My wife said “You know, those kids would really benefit from being a part of this audience and it’s a shame that they’re not going to attend”. We talked a little more about this and that when she suddenly stood up and announced “I’m going to go over there and speak to whoever is in charge to see if they can find the time to attend” and off she went. The woman my wife spoke with indicated, to her credit, that she had thought about having the kids attend. Perhaps my wife was the encouragement that the lady needed because before we knew it we saw her speaking with the event organizers and shortly thereafter the entire group of kids came walking over in a very orderly fashion. It warmed my wife’s heart and brought a tear to her eye. It was really great to see them all standing with hands over their hearts and some of them were even saluting as the JROTC presented the colors and we sang the national anthem. My wife said that it was very encouraging to see the younger generation attending an event like this and that hopefully some of them understood what the meaning of the event truly was all about. My wife is far too humble to say anything about this but after witnessing it first hand, it was very moving for me and I thought it needed saying.

Reid Easton