Property rezoning request to lead town agenda

By Tanya Chilton tchilton@civitasmedia.com

April 14, 2014

JONESVILLE — The Jonesville Town Council will lead its agenda with a purpose to hear public comments on a request for the rezoning of property within the Jonesville Planning Jurisdiction in its monthly public hearing on Monday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall located at 1503 N.C. 67.

According to Monday’s published Jonesville Town Council agenda, the owner is requesting the property located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Swan Creek Bypass and South Mineral Spring Drive be rezoned from R-12 (Medium Density Residential) to B-2 (General Business).

The Jonesville Planning/Zoning Board first met on March 18 to hear the request where at the meeting the property owner said his intention is to place mini-warehouses on the property. Under the town of Jonesville zoning regulations, mini-warehouses are allowed only in the B-2 (General Business) and M-1 (Manufacturing) Districts.

After the Planning/Zoning Board debated which zoning district would be most appropriate for the property in question, the members ultimately recommended the property be rezoned to B-2 classification by a vote of 5-1.

Monday the commissioners will “consider the fact that the property owner is not legally obligated to any particular use of the property regardless of his testimony to the Planning/Zoning Board or the Town Council of his intention to place mini-warehouses on the site,” according to the agenda packet.

The agenda added if the property is rezoned to the B-2 classification, he or other future property owners may use the property in accordance with B-2 zoning rules.

Following Monday’s public hearing, “the council may grant or deny the rezoning request,” according to the agenda.

The town requested each speaker limit comments to three minutes, with the total comment period to be 30 minutes or less.

Surry-Yadkin Electrical Corporation Request

The council will consider a request from Surry-Yadkin Electrical Membership Corporation for the town to approve an ordinance to clarify that SYEMC has the town’s consent to supply electricity to “certain residents” of Jonesville, such as those that are assigned to SYEMC by the Utilities Commission or who are in areas unassigned and adjacent to the SYEMC system.

According to the agenda, “SYEMC does not currently have any customers within our municipal limits. However, the N.C. Statutes that covers electric cooperatives requires that they have our consent to provide service to any areas that we may annex in the future that is within their assigned area of service.”

Duke Energy has been notified of the request and has stated no objection, “but feels that it’s probably not necessary,” according to town officials.

The agenda said Dobson and Tobaccoville recently had adopted the same ordinance and it is one the town of Yadkinville will consider it at its next meeting.


The decision of whether or not to award a surplus property bid, or order a re-bid will be considered on the property of 208 Carr St. The town of Jonesville solicited sealed bids for property after it was foreclosed on due to unpaid taxes. The agenda said the only bid received was from Eric Kelly for $1,000.


Jonesville will consider joining North Carolina 811, a nonprofit organization sponsored by utility systems. The service provides a network for anyone performing excavation work to be able to contact all of the underground utility service providers within the area.

With the membership, the town will receive notification when any excavation work is done near town water lines. The agenda explained the membership would allow town officials, “the opportunity to mark the location of our lines to help ensure that they are not damaged by the excavation work.”

Membership dues are based on a percentage of utility revenues and are projected to be about $500 to $750 per year.

Finally, departmental reports will conclude the session with the need to make a motion to approve the monthly financial report.

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