Drug sweep nets multiple arrests

By Kitsey E. Burns kburns@civitasmedia.com

April 2, 2014

An ongoing narcotics investigation by the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office culminated last week in the charging of 27 individuals suspected of crimes involving a variety of drugs. A majority of the suspects arrested during what the sheriff’s office referred to as “Operation Clean Sweep” were charged with reselling prescription drugs.

Sheriff Ricky Oliver said the types of opiate-based pharmaceuticals now being sold on the street are highly addictive and can easily cause an overdose resulting in death.

“We’re seeing a lot more cases of people dying from overdoses on these types of drugs than we normally see on the other types of street drugs we’re used to seeing in the past,” Oliver said. “We are working hard to get those off the street and hopefully that will keep them from getting in to our schools and also keep them from other people who aren’t yet addicted, but will become addicted if they start using those on a regular basis.”

The availability of these drugs through doctors and pain clinics and the fact that many people keep these drugs in their homes is part of the reason there has been a significant increase in these types of drug charges, Oliver said.

“That is one of the reasons we encourage people to take advantage of drug drops and to get those out of their homes so they’re not going to be targets for break-ins or targets for the children or grandchildren to take those drugs from the home and resell them or use them.”

In addition to prescription drugs, a number of individuals were charged during the sweep for selling cocaine or marijuana. Thursday’s sweep began with the arrest of Antoine Dennard Parker, who allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover officer in the parking lot of a local grocery store in the Forbush community. As the suspect pulled out of the parking lot, he was surrounded by both marked and unmarked sheriff’s vehicles and quickly arrested. Parker’s vehicle and a large amount of cash also were seized in the arrest.

Russell James Caudle, 34, of Boonville, also was among the suspects arrested during the sweep last Thursday. Caudle is charged with three counts of sell and deliver a synthetic cannabinoid; three counts of possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver a synthetic cannabinoid; and maintaining a drug dwelling. Caudle looked bewildered when he answered the door in his bathrobe and subsequently was searched by officers and placed into a sheriff’s car.

Oliver said while this was the least “serious or dangerous” drug that was part of the round-up, it is still illegal to possess or sell it.

Late in the day on Thursday, officers executed a second bust in the Forbush area on Speer Bridge Road. Nino Robinson, 34, of Hamptonville, allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover officer. When officers first surrounded his vehicle on the bridge over U.S. 421, Robinson dodged the cars and headed on to the ramp to the highway. Midway down the ramp, Robinson was again surrounded by deputies and he pulled the vehicle over. Officers took extreme caution and quickly approached the vehicle with weapons drawn. Robinson and two female suspects, Marilyn Alizabeth Rose Long and Andrea Brown Reel, exited the vehicle with hands raised and were quickly put in handcuffs and searched. A baby less than a year old was in the vehicle with the suspects.

Robinson was charged with three counts of sell and deliver cocaine, three counts of possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, two counts of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, four counts of trafficking in cocaine, misdemeanor child abuse, two counts of felony maintaining a drug dwelling, and he had an outstanding warrant for assault of a female.

Long, 22, of Winston-Salem, was charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, misdemeanor child abuse, felony maintaining a drug dwelling and two counts of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. Reel, 25, also of Winston-Salem, was charged with two counts of trafficking in cocaine.

Most of the suspects in last week’s roundup were picked up in Yadkin County, several were arrested in Davie, Davidson, Wilkes and Forsyth counties.

Other suspects charged last week for alleged drug offenses were Bentley Neely, 22, of East Bend, on multiple charges related to the sale of marijuana, and Tiffany Barus, 23, of Hamptonville, also on charges related to the sale of marijuana.

The following suspects were all arrested on charges involving the alleged sale and delivery of schedule II, III or IV prescription pharmaceuticals: Brenda Stanley, 30, of Jonesville; Shirley Vandergriff, 66, of Mocksville; Harold Salmons, 37, of Hamptonville; Dennis Church Jr., 29, of Wilkesboro; and Brian Doty, 37, of Jonesville. Also charged were Yadkinville residents Roy Lee Myers, 54; Jennifer Lynn Wood, 29; Jesse Kennedy, 31; Gina Buelin, 41 and Bobby Shelton, 27.

Garry Shevalier, 43, of Hamptonville, was charged with two counts each of possession and sell and deliver a schedule IV controlled substance and conspiracy to sell and deliver marijuana.

Juan Alvarado Elias, 29, of Yadkinville, and Jerri Lynne Homovich, 25, of Hamptonville, were all arrested on charges related to sale of cocaine.

The sheriff’s office has outstanding warrants for the following individuals: Rashaun Gaither, 23, of Yadkinville; Keith Colston, 21, of East Bend; Macy Smith, 21, of Advance; Rebecca Hallock, 22, of Boonville; Robert Wall Jr., 22, of Lexington; and Alex Walker, 24, of Hamptonville. Anyone with information about these suspects is asked to contact the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office at 336-679-4217.

While most of the arrests were completed within two days, Oliver said that hundreds of hours of work went in to the operation and it is an ongoing one for law enforcement in the county.

“We want to continually remind the drug dealers in the county that we’re not giving up,” Oliver said. “It is very important that we have an impact on drugs here in our county. Every county has a drug problem, but you’ve got to do something about it. We’re trying to send that message that we’re not going to tolerate it. We want every time a drug dealer sells whatever type of drugs, that they’ve got think about who they’re selling it to and whether or not we’re there watching or they’re selling it to an undercover officer. We’re not going to give up.”

Kitsey E. Burns can be reached at 336-679-2341 or on Twitter @RippleReporterK.