Forbush falls to Wildcats by 16

Tanya Chilton Staff Reporter

January 13, 2014

The Forbush Falcons boys varsity basketball team fell to West Stokes on Friday despite Falcon Barrett Hennings scoring 31 points on the night.

Despite a furious fourth quarter by the Falcon, who scored 22 points in the final period, the Wildcats won 76-60.

Hennings scored 10 in the first-half after testing the Wildcat defense early and penetrating to the inside scoring on several lay-ups. Hennings went four of five from the free-throw line in the first-half. Mason Doub balanced the Falcon offense by hitting several jump shots, putting in six in the first-half and eight in the second.

Falcon Head Coach Jeff Weisner said he told the team “to compete” when they came into the Wildcat match-up on Friday. From that standpoint, Weisner said the team did what he asked.

Wildcat Head Coach Dan Spainhour said the Wildcats did well offensively and also credited the Falcons play. However, on defense the Spainhour said the Wildcats allowed more scoring than he wanted.

The Wildcats led 37-21 at half-time.

Wildcat lead-scorer Keshawn Rawleigh finished the competition with 21 points.

Falcon scorers were Barrett Hennings 31, Mason Doub 15, Hunter Chapman 5, Tyler Johnson 5, Stephen Gentry 2, Bryson Lee 2.

Wildcat scorers were Keyshawn Rawleigh 21, Grayson Cobb 19, Spencer Hensley 12, Kameron Wall 9, Caustin Beckner 11, Reid Fulk 2, Hampton Cook 2.

Box scores were:

Falcons 13-8-17-22

Wildcats: 16-21-19-20