School announces school trip

By Anthony Gonzalez

January 8, 2014

Students at Elkin Middle School, Elkin High School and adults in the Elkin community will have the opportunity to travel to England, Ireland, Wales and France during the Easter holiday in April, 2015.

“Stops on this international trip include London, Dublin, Killarney and Paris. As part of the World View program of Elkin City Schools, the trip is being arranged through EF Tours, the largest international student travel group in the United States,” said Dr. Randy Bledsoe, who heads up Elkin City Schools.

According to the school official, the World View experience is being organized by Steva Bledsoe and will be the second trip for students and adults of Elkin City Schools.

“If interested in this World View travel experience, we invite you to a meeting at the Elkin City Schools Administrative Office on Thursday, Jan. 9 at 6:30 p.m. Details of the trip will be discussed. If unable to attend this meeting, please contact Steva Bledsoe at 336-258-2015,” said Bledsoe.