Letter to editor - Woodward

By Wendy Wood

October 23, 2013

To the editor,

Pravda. When was the first time that you heard that word? Do you remember what it is? The definition that I learned, back in the ’50s, was “state run newspaper.”

Not a lot from my history classes impacted me. But I remember that class and I remember being amazed that a government was allowed to control the news. How could the citizens allow that? How did they learn the truth? I read my local paper (the Huntsville Times) with more respect after I learned that in some societies the state actually controlled the content of the news.

Are you aware that the Letters to the Editor are, in all likelihood, the only unedited information that you are reading in today’s newspapers? The term “Lame Stream Media” was not coined without reason. The general outlets of media information are closely monitored today. Facts and fabrications are presented equitably as factual and true. Our country is now experiencing a state run media.

Are we, in fact, a communist society now as the USSR was when I learned about Pravda? Consider some of the actions of the goverment during our recent “shutdown.” Were individuals allowed to act on their constitutional rights? Were laws equitably enforced? Compare congressional gym privileges to removal of handles from public water fountains on public land; treatment of veterans at the WWII monument to a massive activity of illegals on the Mall; privately owned businesses arbitrarily shut down, etc.

This letter will resonate mostly with readers over 50. The younger demographic, the less the general population knows about the branches of our government and the responsibility of each. They are being raised in an environment which is bent upon removing God from the equation.

I don’t know the answer. I do believe that each of us has a responsibility to be alert and aware of what is happening, and why. Further, I believe that we must share that awareness with those younger than we are. An oral history may be our best hope for the future. Share the history that you have accumulated through your schooling and through life experiences. Stress lessons of honor and patriotism.

Our news media has become the Pravda of our country.

Ann Woodward