See You at The Pole Day at Starmount High School

By Janay Williams

October 4, 2013

We, as Christians at Starmount High School, are overjoyed at the opportunity we had on September 25, 2013, to join together in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We not only prayed in unity, but we also brought our praises to the Lord by means of song, thus submitting our hearts to our God and Savior at the start of the day. After all, meeting with the Father and crying out to Him is the highest priority of our day, for we can do nothing on our own, but all things through Jesus, who prepares the way. Even Jesus, who as God came to us in the flesh, had to meet with the Father, so how much more do we?

See You at the Pole Day was a great gathering of not only Christians, but also those who recognize their great need for the Lord, but as was stated during our time of fellowship, there are still many who have yet to bow before the Throne and confess their need for Him. As students, we often work side by side with these individuals on a daily basis, which gives us a great opportunity to tell them about Jesus. While this helps bring lost people into the Kingdom, standing before the school body and openly praising the Lord for all His goodness shines the brightest light in the lives flooded with darkness that surround us.

For all of those who are experiencing the hardships that arise in life, fear not, for the Lord looks on you with compassion each day. Bow before the Throne and understand that all of life’s storms are temporary because joy divides the darkness with the start of a new day. Just like Job, we all must be tempted and tried, but we also must hold on to our integrity. As Believers, the demons know who we are, but Jesus knew us, knows us, and will know us for all eternity. As his servants, we must continue to follow the example set forth by Jehoshaphat, which was continuous praise that was multiplied in times of distress. For in doing this, we may be blessed one glorious day with the Kingdom of God.

Janay Williams is a senior at Starmount High School.