August 16, 2013

A new business has opened its doors in Mountain Park cashing in on unwanted items of others.

Drew Wright has opened The Curiosity Store. The shop is located at 424 Mountain Park Road.

“All my stuff in here is going on eBay,” said Wright.

“It’s better for people to come here and drop off products that they want to sell,” said Wright. “Though people can do it on their own, but someone who has a following is able to expose the product to more people and other auctions. That specialty is what I offer.”

According to eBay, Wright is an approved vendor.

The margins are tight with an eBay-type business.

“We do charge a consignment fee after eBay charges, shipping cost. We’re still getting it together on what the charges will be. Lower selling items may have a higher percentage, as opposed to one higher price point. The small fees we charge are what keeps the lights on,” said Wright.

Wright said that an eBay selling store is a unique business for the area. “No other local eBay store is around,” he said.

“We’ve only been open for a week or two. I have three, four, five people a day coming in. Some people who do come in I have to turn away. I have to believe the item can be sold. If I can’t help the client, the last thing I am going to do is tie them down,” said Wright.

Wright also has a live auction on FaceBook. The site has over 1,500 active members.

“The site is called Surry County Live Auction!!! $1 Start. We post items, and the public joins in. People upload photos Monday through Wednesday of items they want to auction. From cutoff on Wed. night through Friday, the bids start and it picks up,” said Wright

According to Wright, though he does have a silent partner in the business, he’s risking all of his money for this venture.

“I cashed in my 401K and plan to put it in here,” he said. “If I don’t make this work, I don’t eat.”

The Curiosity Shop will soon have a sign on the property. Shop hours are flexible.

“In this store, we have a price tag on each item, but I work with everyone on price,” said Wright.

“I placed the business here because its the next step in my life. I have the full support of my family on this too. I’ve been doing sales out of my house for years, but its tough to get people to drop off stuff they find of value into someone’s house. So I decided to get out and get a place hoping for more exposure,” said Wright.

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