Officers recognized, EVTA receives $10k

August 7, 2013

After a short summer recess, the Town of Elkin Board of Commissioners resumed action on Monday night in Town Hall.

With the exception of Commissioners Cicely McCulloch and Terry Kennedy who will both be on the Nov. 5 election ballot and were present at the Monday meeting, additional candidates seeking to fill the three commissioner positions up for grabs this year were not present at the town’s official meeting.

The candidates not present were: Jeffrey Eidson, James Ipock, Bob Norton, and Charles Bellia.

The absence from any of the candidates resulted in a comment by Elkin’s top official, Mayor Lestine Hutchens.

“First, I would like to say that I am very happy that Terry and Cicely re-upped. … I was hoping that some of the candidates would’ve been here tonight. I think it’s helpful for the community if they were to show up,” said Hutchens.

Honoring the brass:

Two female officers have risen to the highest level of their department brass, according to Elkin Police Chief Monroe Wagoner.

Elkin’s top cop officially presented newly promoted Cpt. Kim Robison and Lt. Mendy Peles. Cpt. Robison is the first captain female in Elkin’s police history. Lt. Peles is the first female patrolwoman hired by the Elkin Police Department rising through the ranks and now serving as its lieutenant. The crime-stopping duo were surrounded by family and friends during the presentation.

“My favorite part of the job is working with the people,” said Cpt. Robison.

“My most rewarding part of this job is having people come up to me and shake my hand while we are out in the street, and only they and I know the connection. Elkin is a very grateful town and I enjoy working here everyday,” Lt. Peles stated to commissioners.

Ten thousand reasons for EVTA

The Elkin Valley Trails Association provided an update to commissioners on progress made to-date by the nature and hiking association.

The Town of Elkin is going to contract for a trail bridge and work in collaboration with the EVTA in managing the bridge installation, according to Dr. Bill Blackley with the EVTA.

“The EVTA gave the money to the town to pay for the bridge. It will be the town’s bridge and trail. The price of the bridge including taxes is $45,861.47. The bridge will be built about 200 feet up river from the Shoe Factory Dam,” said Dr. Blackley to The Tribune.

In an impromptu moment, EVTA’s Dr. Bill Blackley was presented with a $10,000 check by Commissioner Joe Walker. The money comes from the Elkin Tourism Development Authority Board, which voted at its last meeting to contribute this amount to the EVTA as a contribution toward the cost of the bridge.

EVTA eyes Daniel Boone marker for Elkin

Laura Gaylord, community manager for the Town of Elkin, provided an update regarding the “Hippo” lot. The vacant lot sits diagonal from Town Hall. A Hippo store was once located on the property until it burned down. Since then, the lot has been referenced as the “Hippo lot.”

The town is in negotiation with lot owners who are strongly considering donating the space to the Town of Elkin. If so, the location may become the home of the EVTA’s Daniel Boone Marker, a 7-foot high arrowhead that will have the marker installed into the stone of the arrowhead.

Economic development team

Dan Parks with the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) presented a slideshow at Town Hall on Monday night to assess the town’s recent economic development projects. The project by Parks and his colleagues comes at a cost of $8,640 paid by an economic development project line item in the Town’s budget.

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