Letter to the editor

August 5, 2013

The legislative session is over, what’s done is done. The legislators have gone home, celebrating. If you are close to the point of despair, go to this link: http://www.huna.org/html/cpestes.html for encouragement and inspiration. It is time for those of us who disagree with what they have done to take positive and immediate action to change it. There are no victims here, because we have the power to dismiss in the next election those whom we believe have betrayed our great state by their actions. We must register more voters. We must locate and reach out to all registered voters in North Carolina who lack a proper voter ID, help them obtain one, and help them get to the polls. We must identify, raise up, and support viable candidates to challenge these incumbents in the next election. No candidate should be allowed to run unopposed. We were made for these times! We must come together and start now, there is not a minute to waste.

Jane Motsinger

State Road