Yadkin County students win scholarship

August 3, 2013

Dean Prim worked throughout his life to help students through both education and sports.

From his time as a Yadkin County Board of Education member to the numerous times he coached championship softball teams, Prim had an effect on the way the youth of Yadkin County learned. Even 38 years after his death he continues to provide opportunities for students to further their learning.

The Dean Prim Scholarship awards high school juniors and seniors in Yadkin, Forsyth and Davie County with a $1,500 scholarship for up to four consecutive years. There is also a summer travel program to China.

The scholarship was set up in Prim’s honor by his family and administered through the Winston-Salem Foundation.

Recipients were honored July 25 at a breakfast awards ceremony by the Foundation in which Prim’s son Billy D. attended.

Billy Prim is the owner of the Winston-Salem Dash and is a cofounder of Blue Rhino Corporation.

Prim sat with the recipients of his father’s namesake scholarship during the breakfast before posing for a photo.

Catherine Joyce, a Forbush graduate headed to North Carolina State University in the fall for fashion and textile design, said that the June trip to the other side of the world had changed her life.

“The trip was, oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how much it impacted me,” Joyce said. “The people there and the culture and how they’re so different - it’s just so humbling and how thankful I guess it makes you. Your perspective changes greatly.”

Joyce was tasked with creating a portfolio of her trip to illustrate her time in China.

“The scenery and the clothing that I saw there and that kind of stuff, that’s what I used for my inspiration,” Joyce said.

Michaela Cockerham is a rising senior at Starmount and received the scholarship prior to college.

“The scholarship just gave me an opportunity that I never could have had without it,” Cockerham said. “Without that scholarship I never could have taken a trip to China and saw what I saw. I saw the Great Wall, and just the way the people lived there - it’s so different from the way we live here. It was a great experience to see that.”

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