Tribune Tribute: Brian Haynes

August 3, 2013

“Get your pool table, and he’ll rent you a truck to move it, too,” said a resident of Jonesville outside of Billiard Table Services located at 124 N. Bridge St. in Jonesville.

Brian Haynes, the owner of the billiard retail store, is now renting U-Haul equipment.

“It’s been a heck of a summer over here,” said Haynes. “The tables you’re looking at have all been sold. All the tables you see right now are being replaced. That’s a common strategy of ours. Sell, sell, sell.”

The Jonesville native who’s a graduate of Starmount High School said that anytime you can make money on something, you should try.

“The pool tables are my livelihood, but I’ve always been looking at other things too. For example, back here we have a snack shop, a tiny little restaurant that customers can enjoy while they’re here,” said Haynes.

“Most of our service business is not in Jonesville. However, local for us are people from the community who come here and play on the tables. Kids and adults, this is a family sport and hobby that doesn’t break the bank,” he said.

Haynes started this business in 1995 and relocated to the Bridge Street location five years ago.

“I never thought about being in the rental business, but the officials at U-Haul came to me and the deal was done. What I didn’t expect was the demand. I sent my district manager a message saying that I can’t hold onto equipment, as they were rented,” expressed Haynes.

By December, Haynes believes he will have an entire fleet of U-Haul trucks located in the rear of the building.

According to Haynes, having no trucks is not his biggest fear.

“See those bag of chips right there that I sell? I kid you not, I am imposed a license to sell those bags of Sundries chips,” said Haynes.

“I already got my invoice revised for the next series of licenses. See that video game? I have a license. See the other terminal? It has a license,” said Haynes.

“As a community, we can’t expect for businesses to make ends meet by slapping a fee onto everything,” he said.

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