Senior nutrition hosts cadet firemen

August 1, 2013

The Jonesville Nutrition Site is located in the Yadkin Valley Senior Center at Lila Swaim Memorial Park.

Every day the site provides lunch for seniors in the area who may not be able to afford their own food.

Between 15 and 30 seniors come Monday through Friday to eat and spend time with other people in the community.

Site coordinator Maxine Macemore is responsible for arranging the activities every day. Each month the site has to provide two safety lectures, two nutrition programs and two health programs every month. Also, the site hosts officials from businesses like the Jonesville Public Library, D-Rex and Hospice. Ping pong is also played at the center.

July 26 the site hosted Logan and Reece Macemore, twin brothers who serve as junior cadets at Arlington Fire Department.

The 13-year-olds took turns explaining their jobs at the fire department to the crowd, many of whom had never heard of the cadet program. Logan and Reece are two of several cadets who help carry out vital tasks the firefighters need done but would take away from their ability to fight a fire.

Logan and Reece help carry tools, pull hoses, inspect the trucks and perform odd jobs around the fire. Recently they helped a man at the scene of a fire who had cramps in his legs and did not want to sit down, so they walked around with him to make sure he did not pass out or need help.

Their most important task is to carry water to the firefighters.

The teens are not allowed inside the house or building on fire, but both said that was fine with them. Cadets like Logan and Reece go through training with the adults and do the important tasks already mentioned, but cannot become full fledged firefighters until they turn 18.

The two also demonstrated how to use a air tank.

Firefighters are required to wear a 85 pound backpack rig with an air tank attached. A mask and respirator are worn under their helmet.

Cadets wear blue helmets, while each level of the chain of command wears a different color.

Logan and Reece showed the audience how to properly attach the mask and breathe through the filter without difficulty.

If the backpack and its wearer are not mobile for a certain amount of time the backpack starts a loud ringing noise to alert other firefighters that someone is in danger. Everyone in the senior center got a demonstration of that when the two turned the alarm on to show how loud it really was.

The cadet program offers young people in the community a chance to get a head start on a career of helping people. In a few years the two brothers can join the adults inside a fire.

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