Elkin Elementary presents health fair for kids

Taylor PardueStaff Reporter

April 14, 2013

Elkin Elementary School hosted a health fair Thursday to promote healthy living.

Students visited a range of booths focusing on issues like drugs, alcohol, and physical exercise.

Principal Tom Caton said the school had been doing the fair for between 10 and 12 years.

“I think it is one of the best things we do in our school. Health is so important. If our students are healthy they learn better. There are so many things in our culture where we create bad habits, eating habits and we don’t exercise enough. There’s obesity and childhood obesity,” Caton said.

“So at our health fair we try to work on having a healthier lifestyle,” Caton added. “I’d like to have it twice a year. It’s wonderful that we have it and our kids love it.”

Faculty and visiting officials set up booths in the school’s gymnasium, and teachers took children by grade to visit each.

One booth illustrated the dangers of drug abuse with an effort to reach children at young ages to prevent their experimenting with dangerous products.

One was manned by rangers from Stone Mountain State Park. The rangers spoke to students about rabies and the types of animals which could carry the disease. They also talked about animal safety in general.

Another gave kids “drunk goggles,” plastic goggles that distort vision and show the effects of alcohol on your coordination. Kids were given a basketball and asked to shoot for the basketball hoop to show how their abilities were compromised.

At another booth kids spun a wheel with different exercises on it and then had to perform them. Another had healthy portions of food to illustrate how much food is needed for proper servings. Next to the door leading out of the gym was a booth describing the internal systems of the human body.

A separate booth talked to kids about the dangers of soda consumption. Students learned how much sugar was present in the drinks and other important facts.

Students finished up in the parking lot where the Elkin Fire Department and Surry EMS brought their vehicles and equipment for the kids to see and learn about.

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