Elkin Middle School treats A honor roll to Speedy Chef

Taylor PardueStaff Writer

March 24, 2013

Elkin Middle School treated its A honor roll students to a fun-filled lunch Friday. Students who made all A’s were taken to Speedy Chef for a special, free-to-students meal to congratulate them on making the best grades possible.

Principal Pam Colbert rode with the students. The middle school paid for each student to eat, although they did keep expenses in check by reminding students to spend in the $6 range for their food. Students filled the building as the usual crowd watched the 7th and 8th graders crowd in out of the cold.

The celebration was originally scheduled to take place at Cracker Barrel in Jonesville, but the lock-down drill Elkin City Schools participated in with the Elkin Police Department Friday morning made rescheduling necessary. Students were instead bused over at noon to eat on North Bridge Street via one of the school system’s activity buses.