Surry TEA Party takes part in state conference

Staff Report

March 19, 2013

More than 200 people attended Saturday’s NC Tea Party conference in the Hickory area, according to Lynda Bennett, a founding organizer of the NC Tea Coalition.

Twenty-two Tea parties, including the Surry County Tea Party, and grassroots groups from across the state were represented.

“This Conference dispels the media pronouncement that Tea Party is dead, as patriots across the state assembled in a show of force that the Tea Party in North Carolina is very much alive and well, ” said Franklin Lawson , NC Tea Party Coalition (NCTCP) organizer.

Those who attended were urged to take action on the issues presented at the conference.

Keynote speaker C.L. Gray, MD suggested that the Government controlled Health Care Tax commonly referred to as Obamacare, will reduce the quality of care and may make it difficult for individuals to find a doctor willing to see them.

Dr. Glenn Pinckney spoke of developing relationships with people of color to collaborate on issues that cross cultural boundaries such as belief in Jesus Christ and desire for a better life for our children.

Jane Bilello from the Asheville Tea Party reminded the Conference that the 2nd Amendment preserves freedom to keep and bear arms and to defend ourselves. Mark Hager discussed his video, “Invasion: Freedom under Fire” which details little known aspects of the border war with Mexico.

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum said Agenda 21 through sustainable development is being implemented at the county and municipal level, and it is giving federal or state tax dollars as grants up front that someone locally down the road has to budget to pay for.

The goal of the Conference “Turning up the Heat” was to share words that work. Simple changes will reach more demographics in the community by explaining core values in ways that are easy to understand.

“Many of the Tea Party principles and issues are popular with young adults, people of color and diverse economic backgrounds,” states Kevin Shinault, one of the conference organizers. “We just need to use the words that work on each message. This way the local Tea Party will define itself, insTead of allowing the national media to do it for them.”

“I was very impressed with the speakers and the content of the event. I took special notice to the recommended use of wording in presenting the conservative message and found myself in complete agreement with the suggestions,” stated Conference attendee Sam Hill.

A video of the conference will be available at www.NCTeacoaltion.com later this week, according to Bennett.