Elkin gets new activity bus

Taylor PardueStaff Writer

March 7, 2013

Elkin City School’s new activity bus arrived Thursday to much fanfare.

Administrative officials flocked to see the bus as it was delivered at the central office building. It is one of five school buses the school district now owns.

The bus is brand new and one of only two activity buses that the school owns that has air conditioning. The bus has “Buckin’ Elks” emblazoned above the front windshield instead of “Activity Bus” to identify it as Elkin’s bus. School officials bragged of the “new car smell” the bus had.

School Superintendent Dr. Randy Bledsoe said the new school bus had been in the works for some time now. The money for the bus’ purchase came from capital outlay moneys that had been saved for seven years, he said. He said the money could be used for equipment and vehicles by the school system but not for personnel, saying that no money had been spent on the bus that could have gone to a teacher or faculty member instead.

The school had saved the money for several years, and as the renovations on the High School had come to a close there had been extra revenue left over that Bledsoe and the school system had returned to the Commissioners. The board graciously let the school system keep the money, a sum of $100,000, and added another $50,000 to use for facility projects, according to Bledsoe.

The school’s savings allowed for half of the bus to be paid for, with the other half coming from the Commissioners return. In total, the bus cost $88,000, said Bledsoe.

Bledsoe said the school system had been wise stewards of the money given it, and with sound financial decision making and the money granted by the board the schools now had a brand new bus.

Bledsoe also added how important it was to manage the taxpayers’ money well and that he was very proud of the work the school system had done to wisely plan and pay for the new activity bus.

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