For Graham and Fran

Matthew GorrySports WriterandLindsay CravenStaff Writer

January 29, 2013

Somtimes, certain people come into our lives at a young age. As we get more mature we then realize the impact they have made on us. One of these people was Graham Green. I attended high school with their daughter Laura. We were in band together so I spent a lot of time in their home and was made to feel welcomed.

Graham one time helped my cousin when she was in a catastrophic car accident. She has a severe head injury. Graham took off his jacket and wrapped it around her skull and held her head till the paramedics arrived.

When we lost my mother-in-law, we had to sell her house. Graham and Fran bought it and when we signed the papers, they were so kind and gentle. They understood she was the heart of our family and felt our grief.

I saw Fran the other day and I realized what she had given me. THE MESSIAH. She actually taught me to sing this complicated piece and gave me confidence that I could achieve this. The most important lesson she taught me was that you had to listen to the people beside you when singing. If you could only hear yourself and not your neighbors; you were singing too loud or were off key!

Then I learned that THE MESSIAH was about sacrifice, despair, hope, faith in humankind and most of all peace. It was a guide for a meaningful life.

I will miss you Graham.

I love you Fran.

~Jennifer Martin Brown

Elkin High School-P.E. Dept.