Fire breaks out on 268

Keith StrangeCivitas News Service

January 23, 2013

Six people had to evacuate 11341 Route 268 after the power shut off and smoke filled the property on Wednesday afternoon, say witnesses.

“The house filled up with smoke so quickly that all we could do was get out,” said Courtney Overman. “The fire is up in the attic somewhere.”

“Last night the power kept flickering on and off about three times while we were watching television,” said Roy Branson, who also lives in the residence.

“Today nothing bad was going on, and then all the power went out,” continued Branson. “So we found a blown fuse. We have fuses and circuits in this house. That’s when the house started to smoke up. All the babies got out…we have a 1-year-old living here and a 6-year-old.”

According to Branson, the property belongs to the Friendship Motor Speedway.

“We might have to move,” Branson said. “We’ll definitely have to stay in a motel until this gets fix.”

However, Captain Lanny Whitaker of the CC Camp Volunteer Fire Department informed The Tribune that the “small” fire had been contained and “is electrical in nature.”

The Captain added that the occupants do not need to leave.

The Tribune contacted the Friendship Motor Speedway and a spokesperson indicated the owner is on his way to the property.