Stray bullets reported over Armfield Center trails

Staff Report

December 17, 2012

PILOT MOUNTAIN — Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson reports no charges have been filed in connection with gun shots reported straying over an area of the Armfield Civic Center walking trails late Saturday.

Atkinson indicated the call for the incident came in after 6 p.m. when persons walking the trail heard shots and called 911 after observing bullets cut through foilage and lodge in a tree near them. Reportedly, the dispatcher also heard the shots and quickly advised the walkers to take cover until deputies arrived.

Further investigation by the deputies found a landowner on an adjacent piece of property was having target practice and was unaware of the tragectory of the bullets.

Atkinson said no charges had been filed in connection with the incident because there are no county or state statutes forbidding the discharge of firearms in the county. He said the guidelines merely stipulate weapons must be used in a safe manner.