Election results live

Keith StrangeStaff Reporter

November 6, 2012

Register of Deeds race: Comer beating Haris

Comer (D): 15,482 votes, 55.55%

Harris (R): 12,387 votes, 44.45%

Now 28 of 29 precincts reporting live in Surry County

Senate District 30 race: Shirley Randleman (replacement for Sen. East) defeating Ric Marshall

Randleman (R): 16,667 votes, 60.76%

Marshall (D): 10,763 votes, 39.24$

Romney leading with 67.68 percent of the vote, while Obama has 30.87 percent in Surry County. The rest are going to Johson/Gray (libertarian) or write in. Statewide, the race is virtually tied. Romney has 17,830 votes in Surry, while Obama has 8,134.

Howard Coble is leading with 65.9 percent, while Foriest has 34.1 percent.

Shirley Randleman, the replacement for Sen. Don W. East, is winning with 60.85 percent of the vote. Ric Marshall has 39.15 percent of the vote.

In the Register of Deeds Race, incumenbe Carolyn Comer is leading with 55.69 percent of the vote, while Todd Harris has 44.31 percent of the vote.