Elkin High School anticipates homecoming

Kaylin MessickElkin High School Journalism Club

October 5, 2012

October arriving means it is time for Homecoming again at area high schools.

Although Homecoming festivities have become much-anticipated traditions, yearbooks from past years reveal there was not always a Homecoming at Elkin High School.

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, there was a football game that was celebrated early in the semester, but it did not carry a particular name.

The school also crowned a Football Queen who was elected and voted for by the student body. This tradition carried on until 1953 when the first Homecoming Queen was crowned and the dance was held after school. Since 1953, there has been a Homecoming game and a dance held to celebrate the crowning of a new queen.

Although Homecoming is a time of fun and celebration, the preparation before the festivities takes several weeks. Homecoming attendants are nominated and elected by the student body and the dance and meal are planned weeks in advance by students with help from sponsoring teachers.

The marching band spends hours practicing songs and movements on the field. Attendants also meet to practice marching in during the half-time show and to take pictures for the yearbook. The football team prepares for the game by practicing throughout the semester and students pump them up at a pep rally on the day of the game.

After the pep rally, the fun begins as Homecoming attendants get ready for the parade. During the parade, the attendants ride in cars and wave to the crowd.

At the game that evening during half-time, the attendants are escorted onto the field and presented to everyone. Whether Elkin wins or loses the game, the next night is an official celebration, and a dance is held at the Elkin Elementary gymnasium which has been decorated earlier in the week by students and staff.

That night the Homecoming Queen and King are crowned and enjoy a special dance together.

Although preparing for Homecoming is a great deal of work, students and staff feel it is worth all of the effort.

“It’s great fun to get dressed up and hang out with friends,” said Elkin High School senior, Hailey Mounce.

Elkin High School will celebrate Homecoming on Friday, Oct. 5, with a parade beginning at 4:00 and a football game against North Wilkes starting at 7:30. The Homecoming dance will be held on Saturday from 8:00 until 12:00 with an admission price of ten dollars.

This story was written in connection with the Elkin High School Journalism Club. The Club was created by The Tribune to help display student writing.